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Thursday, December 29, 2005

"He Died Doing What He Loved"

That was "Matt" Salter.

What a damned shame.

I don't wish to further impose on his family's privacy, other than to express our profound sorrow and regret that this brave man's life was shortened by this tragedy.

Thanks to Willie in LaGrange

Your words of support lifted everyone's spirits. You rule, dude. We are in process of contacting the Lone Star, and hope to see you in person. I will post any future information about this. I am returning your offering with s Snake Farm CD; just give me a few days to catch up from the holidaze.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Soldier from Cypress Killed in Iraq

Today in

Richard M. Salter, 44, a heliocopter pilot, died in a mid-air collision in the skys over Bagdad.

I wonder if he was the adorable little boy with redhair and freckles that I went to school with in Cy-Fair. He was a handy basketball player and smart. Went by "Matt."

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Merry Christmas Everybody

Somewhat belatedly, but with much mirth and drinkishness, we managed to live through another x-mas.

Best of '06 for everybody.

Here are my predictions:

1. The 1st kitchen garbage fueled vehicle will hit the scene, ironically driving the sales of more garbage;

2. The Iraq War causes severe military manpower shortages prompting the armed services to call up Korean/Vietnam era veterens with lures of free prescription medicines;

3. Home anus bleaching kits sweep the nation - home bleaching parties become the rage;

4. George Bush is revealled as the anti-christ through a series of NY Times puff pieces;

5. Mick Jagger shatters his hip in an on stage accident while performing in the Tri-City's;

6. The film redux of "My Mother the Car," starring Will Farrell smashes box office records;

7. "Face Transplants Gone Wrong," wins May '06 sweeps;

8. Texas adopts Biblical Law as its constitution, thus leaving prohibitions against sexy cheerleader gyrations off the books as favored by scripture;

9. Ralph Reed and Gary Bauer unite in the first celebrity gay marriage; and,

10. Lucy Hill crowned Best New Counrty Performer at the AMA.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Kinky For Governor!

It seems to me that there is a conventional wisdom that says "Texas Music" per se is tinged politically to the right. I do not agree.

Although there are some unabashed neocon ring kissers, (see Smokey Wilson's "Cowboy in the Whitehouse") the political posture of the Texas Music crowd is one of the conservative by omission. I have spoken to this "South Park Republican" phenomenon before: silence is comfort to the fascist.

I hate to break it to you boys like this, but Saint Willie is pink as a marshmallow bunnie. Take a look at how many "W" stickers are on his wife's bio-diesel VW bug? Go ahead, I'll wait...

Don't think I'm handing out any sugars to the Democrats. I have never seen a bigger bunch of spineless accomodationist crooks in all my life. My Senator, Ken Armbrister, is more crooked than weak, but nevertheless a typical example of that disgraceful sell-out bunch of losers. Many times I've spent lurched over my sick bucket praying that the lot of them would shrivel up and die from shame, but that hasn't happened. We must move on.

Real men stand for something besides guns and hate, and the sick, twisted thing that passes for religion these days. Real men stand for people, education, health care, renewable energy, sane crime reduction policy, environmental protection, and human rights.

Driftwood urges all to vote for a real man, Kinky Friedman for Governor of Texas. He is one tough Jew.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Oh! Holy Flight

Victoria Osteen, wife of the pastor of possibly the largest church in the world let holiday travel stress bring out the devil in her on a Continental airlines flight out of Houston on Monday. Victoria apparently became abusive when the first class service did not meet her expectations. The Osteen family intended to take this flight for a holiday in swanky Vail, Colorado. The flight was delayed for over two hours until the Osteen's luggage was removed so they could take another flight.

For the full story read
Osteen Family Leaves Plane After Dispute

on the Houston Chronicle website.

I am guessing next Sunday's sermon down at the arena might be about patience.

It's The Nigerians

I don't know about all you blogsters out there, but I have been recieving email after email promising large sums of money. They are not so cleverly disguised as legitimate business proposals. They are funny to me, but perhaps ruinous to those that respond. These communications are always rife with misspellings and malapropisms.

The main intent of the message is to get the readers to send bank account information to which the supposed monies will be transferred, many times accompanied with a heart rending tale of family tragedy. The usual epilogue is some reference to the necessity of being discrete and not revealing any details of the business arrangement until after the deal is complete. This is for your protection, of course.

Many of these proposals originate in Africa - "It's the Nigerians". Which reminds me of a tale a co-worker shared with me about his experience with identity theft. This was probably ten years ago, well before this form of crime was popular. He worked for months trying to get his identity back, his credit cleared, etc., etc. In his frequent inquiries to the FBI about his case - it was a federal case - the sum of information he recieved from the bureau was "It's the Nigerians". I think no one was ever charged with the crime, and my friend did the majority of the leg work to get his name back.

I guess the moral of the story is that there is no such thing as money for nothing, and don't let anyone give you the lame "It's the Nigerians" explanation for anything, instead of some really useful information.

Odessa Schools Adopt Bible Based Ciriculum

Using King James Bible as their main textbook. No kidding.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Support the NY Transit Workers

The Transit Authority has a 1 billion dollar surplus at the same time they are cutting wages and benefits. NY and Bloomberg are not negotiating in good faith and are using the always plaint corporate media to slam the strikers. They are trying to break the union, and don't you kid yourself they are not.

Don't take my word for it. Keep an open mind and get the worker's side of the story at

Note: my links aren't working, so you'll have to type it in. What a drag.


I can't get this Bloggers stuff to make my link work. So you'll have to typeit in the address box of your machine. it is worth reading, if you get a chance. Sorry for the trouble.

Dave Chappelle

I always liked the Chappelle Show on Comedy Central, although I thought he was a little too edgy for his own good. When he flipped out, and cancelled the program, I took notice, but never heard any explanation for why he would walk away from 50 million.

One story that looks pretty much right can be found at

I urge everyone to take a look. Evidently, a junta made up of Bill Cosby, Al Sharpton, Louis Farakahn, Oprah, and others, spent considerable wealth to destroy his career.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Great Practice Yesterday!

Good times. I'm feeling we are about to turn the corner and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Greater sacrifices will be required in '06, but we must not give in to defeatism. Let freedom ring to a people thirsting for beer, absinth, Niquil, (and those little juice boxes) and for greater autonomy and control of their lives and futures. We have thrown off the yolk of our oppressors; however, in the future, let's try not to gas our own people? Tho our eyes burn from tears, we will light a matches of hope to burn away the noxious stench of can't do-ism.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Practice at 2:00

at LD Studios. X-mas left over served.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Having Christmas with the Family Today

Looking forward to it. I swear.

Friday, December 16, 2005

VERY interesting Texas Music site. A must-see for the beginner.

No More Hatin'

Gloria and Frank I am sorry I lost my temper. It is not the first time. But why didn't you link back to me on your site? (Sniff)

Ponty Bone at OMB Tonight

Ponty Bone, the San Antonio Sultan of the Squeeze Box, the gentlement maestro of the zydeco, will keep Moulton dancing tonight at the Ole Moulton Bank. A great performer that the uninitiated must see. Excellent sidemen, too. Come see it, everybody.

Show Jim and Harvana the love, people. They are a valuable community resource.

Bush Spying on Americans, and other news sources are reporting that the Defense Department is surveiling the US population rather massively. Like this is news. 5th Signal Corp. has been a sometimes visitor to Driftwood, and I wouldn't be surprised if DIA and FBI were too. I haven't looked lately.

If you don't like the Boy King, Chimpy Q."Hulla Jaw" McTorture, the giggling murderer, child rapist, war criminal, and wish the government not to watch you, then keep it to yourself.

Edit: Not Defense, it is the NSA, Condi's old agency with Stephen Hadley. Again, I am surprised at all the surprise. They kill people they don't like, too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

LBJ was a Pink N-Lover

I just found this book, Lone Star Rising: Lyndon Johnson and His Times 1908-1960, (Oxford University Press)which mentions my grandmother, Margaret Epley Lee, in passing (pg 91) as one of his students.

Actually, as gratifying as it is to see her mentioned in print, it is actually inadequate to describe their relationship, which was one of lovers, however briefly. They "dated" in the thirties, and my mom has some of the love letters.

As many pages as have been written and as much research as has been done about LBJ, including the voluminous snoring tomes of Robert Kato, this relationship seems to have gone completely unnoticed. Ike and FDR had, like, one girlfriend the whole time. Much of what was written seems to be the chagrin and anger of Mamie and the sadness of Eleanor about what was entirely known, but not shared by the mainstream press. Likewise, JFK and Clenis are said to be great ladies men, and except for Marilyn and Monica, we know very little about any others for sure. Yes, I know about Ms. Eckland and Genifer Flowers, Paula Jones, etc. but these are unproven allegations. Sure, Poppy poked Bo, and Junior raped a 15 year-old into a forced abortion. But this is about love, and not the creepy fingered prerogatives of super powerful men.

LBJ had Lady Bird under glass at the time, and did chase skirts around. He bragged he was hung like a horse, and if the recently uncovered phone logs between himself and the newly bereaved Jackie-O are any indication, Johnson does seem to have a certain personal charm about him. And like all presidents, he had a domineering mother/black widow who eventually ate their husbands, LBJ had Big Momma, who had driven his father to destruction through hard-ball Texas politics he did not want to do, and eventually hand-picked Lady Bird as his life mate.

I recall the story that he took her out for putt-putt golf. Lyndon sunk the final hole and won a loaf of bread, which he kept.

One interesting aspect about this part of his life is that he was very much involved in helping Mexican Americans. He was good friends with Ema Tenayuca and her husband, both communists, and the Pecan Workers Union. He spoke out in support of the Pecan Worker's Strike of 1937, and I am certain attended rallies and functions in previous years. He was pals, no doubt with the Maverick family. I am pretty sure he spoke Spanish, as did my Grandmother.

And yet he was in no way later blacklisted or made part of any investigations by the House Unamerican Activities Commission?

Oh, and another thing, my grandmother's father was African American.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Do the Right Thing

So, I was doing some Christmas shopping with my wife at a local jewelry store. She tried on every piece of jewelry in the store naturally, and decided on a couple of modest sterling silver items. The salesman checked us out and we were on our way. Later, while my wife was admiring her purchases, she noticed that she had inadvertantly worn a silver bracelet out without paying for the item.

We engaged in a half hour debate about karma, if we should keep the bracelet, or make a return. Were we receiving karmic remuneration for previous good deeds, or were we going to make a karmic withdrawal from our spiritual accounts, possibly suffering karmic retribution in the future?

Finally, I insisted we "do the right thing" and take the bracelet back to the store. The clerk who served us looked rather sheepish, and muttered a few thanks for our honesty (but offered no discount or reward). His boss; however, looked none too pleased with the situation. Either with the store security (I assumed sirens would go off if we tried to leave with essentially stolen merchandise), or with the salesman for not accounting for the jewelry the customer was modelling for herself.

One of the reasons, among many, for making this return, was so we might prevent the salesman, who was polite and very helpful, from getting his pay docked for the price of the bracelet right around Christmas time.

As it turned out the store could never have pinned the loss on any particular sales person unless we informed them of our honest mistake. The salesman, apparently terminated, is no longer in the employ of the store. My wife since has returned all of the items for cash, and we will find another place to buy jewelry in the future. Merry Christmas, and remember always, always "Do the Right Thing".

Edit: This fine post is by a guest blogger who will introduce himself when he feels it appropriate.

Why I Don't Post Everyday

It is hard for me to write when I am feeling blue, or not myself in some way. But I am always thinking about things to jot down, thus making me feel a little worse for not practicing.

Many of the great bloggers these days believe the secret to a successful blog, in part, is the process of developing one's craft on the page. That's probably right, who am I to differ?

So, I am encouraged that I might get some help from two clever guys Frank and Gary. They promise to try their hand at this.

In the meantime, it might help if some of you threw some comments my way, even if it is hate mail or slightly obscene. It would serve to keep me limber. I know, for instance, that some music business people lurk this way. I gather they don't like the set up much, or they would speak up. By telling us your negative opinions would provide some interesting anti-publicity that is entirely welcome. We don't learn if we don't know these things from others.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Clowns for Your Amusement

Friday, December 09, 2005

Music Changes

I thought I might mention that the band is going through some changes as to how we approach our business, and will probably try the following:

No more free music. Just some samples of the best songs. It would be difficult to change the website as the integrity of the work might suffer by taking the songs away entirely, but leaving a snip would probably suffice. "Free" music fits well philisophically with our anti-music business stance, but is not working out well in actual practice.

No free performances. 'Nuff said.

No "pay for play": word. There really is such a thing where bands pay club owners to let them play for free. Really, no lie. And it is taking over the business in places like LA, Nashville and Austin. We never have accepted pay for play, but I have discussed "music deposits" with Fitzgerald's in a low moment. Some club owners make me shudder in disgust.

Sell CD's directly from the site: At 1/2 the price of our e-commerce outlets. Who wants to pay $13.99 for a CD from an unknown band?

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

King of Banana Land in Trouble

It is getting hotter than Asian child sex slavery for the glistening bug-man these days. No more drunken man-on-daughter action in the Monterey whore-house hot tub for the embattled dauphin of depravity. No more "monkey" screwing while suckers wait for Jeebus in the Big-Tex 22. The AP has the flacid hammer losing to "any Demorcrat" 39-46. Tough luck, sucker. Don't get scared. You really don't need all those armed guards of yours once you are in prison, or your front teeth. Your future husband doesn't want any rough spots in his prison pussy.

Have fun!

More bad news, sausage-on-a-stick boy, you aren't running against a shadow opponent. You are running against a real man named Nick Lampsom

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Check Out Super Happy Fun Land

These guys are freakin' gods!

Monday, December 05, 2005

As Heard at the Main Bar

Moulton is about to explode. Can't tell you why, but we will soon see, "all the money we could ever dream of." Be patient. We'll know soon.

The city government is under investigation by a large agency organized crime unit. The mayor was recently bagged for recruiting a child to pose as a Katrina victim to grift relief money. But the jig was up when they passed a sweet-heart contract for the town Christmas lights and Santa's Village to nefarious elements.

With all the naughty people around here, I'm surprised Santa even came to Moulton, as he did Sunday night for the regular annual pageant. (I think he digs the fudge.)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Jam on Sunday

At the Firehouse courtesy (nice word, don't you think?) of Dos Pachangas. Pot luck.

Austin Collins at OMB

He's from Austin. Left his band at home, but did a yoeman job. Check out

Friday, December 02, 2005

A.M. we honor you

We received your note with much joy. It lifted all our spirits. I was not able to make your e-mail work, but I will try again to thank you personally.

If you can let me know your address, I will send you a CD and photo.

Shame, South Park Republican

You could at least break off some polite words of encouragement to your devoted (why?) friend of 20 years, who thanklessly worked the last five years to give* music to an apathetic public. She is a great musician, no matter what you think. You know in your heart I am right.

And I'll be sure to let your friend of 30 years that you think his website sucks.

Bitter, much?

*give: to render to others; transfer (in case you forgot what that means)

Edit: A "South Park Republican" is in the same genus as a "Cafeteria Catholic," but significantly different in a few ways. As "South Park," would like to believe, they make fun of the left and the right, are completely disinterested in taking sides; or even any harbouring a modicum of couriosity in the politcal process, makes them somehow fair and neutral. Wrong. It makes them a Republican. Notice in their feature length puppet movie - I am told - they only kill liberals.

Or, if one is liberal in attitude, philosophy and disposition, but does not directly challenge facism, (but merely spews empty rhetoric in meaningless conversations between like-minded souls) that somehow makes you still progressive. Wrong. That makes you Republican.

A South Park Republican

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Frank N. Stein, Guest Blogger

Look forward to Frank's witty insights in the near future and lots of new links.

Edit: Frank, your invitation is out there.


Ralph Reed operated as a lobbyist in Texas involving Indian gambling casinos but never registered as an agent with the state. A rather serious offense around here. I guess he needed to keep a low profile.

There was a shooting at old Ft. Worth Navel Air Station with three sailors involved, that sounds pretty freaky.

Bush called for Jury Duty

According to the AP, GW Bush has been summoned for jury duty in McClennon County (Waco).

Last time this happened in Texas, while * was governor, Alberto (whip me, beat me, call me Edna) Gonzales, used illegal influence to seek exclusion for the giggling murderer, and lied about his criminal history.

Let's hope they put him on a jury hearing the cases of the arrested protesters in front of his manse swine.