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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Something is Happening

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hank Floyd

Going to See Bill Pekar at OMB

His band is the hottest bunch of players around. Truly amazing. One of the few bands that stay great all night long. Check it out.

Liquid Daddy Studios

I need to hear from band members

Nobody said I could dance well. I just gotta dance. Like Satchel Paige said, "dance like nobody's watching."

Rep. Ron Paul Warns of Foreign Troops in US

Ron Paul (R-Pins in Buttocks) who is my congressman, shoes filled with nana pudding, went on the Alex Jones Show (crazy ant-semite weirdo) and warned that the Bush administration is hell-bent on initiating martial law soon, for any reason; probably avain flu, and would enforce these measures with foreign mercenaries. He goes on to rant about chemical experiments on orphans, black heliocopters, floride induced stolen essence, CAFTA, etc. (I love Dr. Paul)

I bet all yall's congress-critters just want to talk about sales records at Walmart, and how Jack Murtha is a homo coward.

Dos Pachangas OffersYou His Protection

Friday, November 25, 2005

Peace Mom Returns to Crawford

Cindy Sheehan still haunts W with her pesky questions about why we've gone to war.

I think it is great how we don't allow the right to straw-man a hippie anti-war movement in the streets as a distracting side-show for a pliant media that never shows the true numbers at demonstrations anyway. Instead, the face of the movement is personified in Cindy, who is a rallying point for everyone seeking better treatment for our son's and daughters serving overseas. It is difficult for the right to bash people like Jack Murtha (D-Balls), Paul Hackett (D-Jean's Nightmare) and Cindy Sheehan who are decent, brave and committed.

Friday Night Cat Blogging


Ok, That's What We're Looking Like

More to come.

Jak Se Mas.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Texas Supreme Court Orders School Reform

Way to go Edgewood, et al. The Leg has until 6/1/05 to change the tax code to better equalize school spending, and disallowed the property tax scheme for funding.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Musings on my prior rant

I think I should note that there are several clubs I like and enjoy visiting. With management practices that both advance the interests of the business while enabling the music to thrive and provide opportunities to the performers to promote themselves and make a little money. Of course, Ole Moulton Bank is one of these places. Jim and Harvan are wonderful people.

Art's Rib House, Casbeers, Cheatham Street, Cosmos, Greek Bros., Gruene Hall, Pooty's Hilltop, Saxon Pub, Triple Crown, others, there are many. They basically love music and wish people to listen and participate. Good folks all, and I am leaving many out.


San Antonio Riverwalk lighting ceremony 11/25/05.

Dickens Christmas in Lockhart.

Dickens on the Strand, Galveston 12/3-4/05

56th Annual Washington Mutual Thanksgiving Day Parade, Houston.

El Paso's Socrro Mission rededicated after 5-year renovantion 12/3/05.

Christmas Parade in Harlingen, 12/3/05.

Edit: I have no earthly idea why these links didn't work, but they do now.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Band Notes

I have gotten some pressure from clubs and music folks about no pictures on the band site and here also. It is really starting to be a major problem, and the group has decided to place more photos around to let everybody know how beautiful our stars are, and how much we rock, etc.


The fact that we place all our music on-line for free, and ask the public for nothing to listen, or download, is somehow not enough. The fact that the band turns out with our equipment, incur the travel expenses, dedicate the 1-4 hours in performing for free or very little money, (while the bar makes tons of money in drink sales) is somehow not enough. The fact that the band's collective musical experience amounts to over a century, and that we can entertain in nearly any musical genre for hours on end is somehow not enough for slimey club owners who want more, and more and more, for free. No, they want us to surrender our images for free, even though we would rather retain our image rights as sort of the last thing we can barter for value, which in a sense, represents our power over our own persons.

I have worked in music stores, record stores, theaters, clubs, restaurants, that all under-pay and exploit their workers. And the American public not only allows this to happen, but actually encourages and expects it.

Look, club monkeys, I am not gonna spend more money so you can let us spend more money. If you want the best band in Texas, you are going to have to meet us half-way.

Hey, music industry: if your business model worked, you would be making money, and not hemoraging 29 cents on every dollar you spend. Hey night club mavens: if you were booking entertaining acts, people would come to the clubs. I promise. How about hiring a few less aw-shucks-hat-band clones, creepy new-age indio-feelers (buy my jewelry!) folk nazis, and spokes-model/actresses, and hire a few more artists, instead?

There is a thing called, "real." People like it. Give the people what they want.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Driftwood Jam Today

At LD Studios. Gumbo.

Open jam a OMB later.

Sat. Show at OMB

Mark Jungers was not accompanied by the Mules last night, and instead we were treated to Mark with the rising stars, Adam Carroll (who has just released his "Far Away Blues" CD) and kanook Roger Marin in a songwriter's circle.

The house was nearly packed, but one could here a pin drop; everyone was intensly listening. I sensed they were a bit weary, but they betrayed none of this to their appreciative audience. These guys are gems, and deserve greatness, so I am that much more grateful for being able to have a chance to see them together in such an intimate setting.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Mark Jungers at OMB Tonight

Mark Jungers and the Whistling Mules at the Ole Moulton Bank Tonight. Anybody who has not seen these folks need to turn out for this great band.

Kay Baily Hutchison Gets Opponent

Barbara Ann Radnofsky (D-Space City) according tp the excellent blog Check it out.

Silver Hits 11 Month High

Gold and Platinum going nuts, too. Gas at 2.00 again

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Detroit steel, bitches!

Just got new tires on Lucy's '71 Galaxi 500. Drove back down 532 from Gonzales, and let the 351 Cleveland run full out; clear blue sky, chronic burning - Merle blaring on the a.m. radio.

Man! Everybody get a huge old gas-guzzler, before it's too late.

Those poor little armadillos.

That's fun Texas-style.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Band News

Practice on Sun., at LD Studios. Will serve chicken soup.

Negotiating with Cosmos, Fitz's, and others. They want head counts. I think I am late in asking, but would any visitors please check in here, or at the other sites?

Hit counts are up. Discussing a line of tees and cups with Hank.

John Brown

I knew a young man named John Brown. He was a big guy; nearly 300 lbs., with a big round face that was open and handsome. He was perfectly kind and friendly, with a very easy-going manner. When he was a kid, I think he had seizures, or something that made him brain damaged in a lot of ways that made him slow learning, but he seemed to keep up an ordinary appearance to people that would not know this. Asthma was a problem, and diabetes, so he was always on medicine and had a hard time breathing and would often feel sick. The schools would constantly neglect the learning problems he had, and preach that he needed to be in the regular classroom for the sake of his self-image, etc, but they were really just denying him the hard work needed by the school to help him. Natually, he would fail if they didn't dumb-down his work requirements drastically, and give him lots of time to finish. They socially passed him, but he learned very little. Eventually, they said he needed to have a regular job by the time he was a senior in high school, or they couldn't let him graduate. He was on SSI, so this was kind of a problem, since he was not supposed to work, and doing so made him sick. The school was right on the spot with a lady named Ms. Fields who placed the problem kids in fast food jobs. She just happened to own two McDonald's restaurants, and a Wendy's nearby, and placed lots of kids like John in kitchen and food prep jobs. I tried many times to get Ms. Fields to tell me why she took so many kids from the school district for this purpose, since they almost never lasted much more than six weeks after they had "graduated." But she would never be around when I came by, and never returned my phone calls. You see, the other people who worked at the restaurants owned by Ms. Fields would have to work extra hard to make up for the work that wouldn't get done, or couldn't get donw by the "slow" kids sent by the school. This would result in tauntings, insults and harrassment of the kids like John who got their jobs so they could finish high school with a diploma.

The work in the kitchens made it even harder for John to breath, and standing all day would make his feet hurt from the diabetes. He would try hard, but found it difficult to remember things. He was teased constantly and made to feel stupid and worthless by the other worker's. Once SSI found out he was working, they stopped his SSI temporarily, and once he was 18, they totally stopped his benefits. Later, his mom got a letter from SSI telling her to paythem back $17,000.00, because he wasn't disabled when he says he was. They couldn't pay any money back, of course, because John's family was poor, and his dad was disabled on a small amount of Social Security. The government would make harrassing phone calls, at night and on weekends, demanding payment, and they threatened to cut of John's dad's tiny stipend. His insurance under Medicaid stopped, and the doctor's and hospitals made John promise to stay home when he got sick or needed a breathing treatment because he could no longer pay the bills that were piling up. He felt he had to keep working, but he couldn't keep a job because he missed work or was too slow because he was sick a lot. So, he went to fast food job to fast food job, rarely being able to stay for more than a few months or weeks. Since work made his illnesses worse, he would frequently have to go to the free clinic, and from May of 2004, and May of 2005, he had to go to the doctor or stay in the hospital 26 times, because of his asthma and other things. On occassions, his breathing was so pinched to where he was practically strangling, and he would have to call an ambulance and go to the nearest Methodist Hospital. In April, 2005, Methodist Hospital left him alone in the emergency room and he almost died. He said later, "momma, I'm afraid to go there anymore." In May, 2005, John was stricken by another asthma attack so severe that his mother felt compelled to call an ambulance, who took him to Methodist. John died in the emergency room, on a table nudged into a lonely hallway, alone.

He was 23 years old.

No lawyer in Texas will take this case because George Bush had the Emergency Room Treatment Act Amended to make doctors and hospitals not liable for lawsuits.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ants Eat Indian Womans Eye

A woman recovering from cornea surgery died mysteriosly in the hospital. Hete eye was eaten out by large black ants. She had been complaining of intense eye pain.

This not a Texas story but could only be found in the Lufkin paper through my search of news today.

Family Sues Walmart for Man's Death

They killed him in the parking lot for trying to return$96.00 worth a merchandise with a fake receipt. No one on death row for this one.

Texas To Execute 18th Man

Bobby Dale Rowell dies tonight. He's the 18th guy this year. he killed some people in a crack house.

I've Been Gone Too Long

I was just bummed as hell. Bumming about my kid in the throws of major depression, and not having any mental health services out here to help. Worrying about whether or not she will continue to decline, etc.. Things are levelling out now, and I am able to concentrate somewhat on other things.

Friday, November 11, 2005

My grandpa

I have come to learn my grandpa was an army captain and an instructor of engineering at VMI when the depression came. He must have gotten layed off, because the next thing I can see is him as a lieutenant in the 301st Company, Marines, in Boston, MA in 1931. I then see him at MIT, where he met my grandma, taking a boiler mechanics class together; she graduates in 1936, my uncle is born in 1939, and then my father is born in early 1941. We then see him as an Colonel in the Army working on the atom bomb in Amarillo, TX through the end of the war. The nuclear material he was exposed to put a hole in his heart and poisoned his blood. He died in 1964 at the age of 57. My mother told me he was endlessly kind, loving and patient.

I honor Donald Nelson Higgins, USA, USMC, postumously this Veteran's Day, and wish to thank all veterans and those serving currently. You hold our countries' love.

Violence Wanes in Dos Laredos

El Champo beats it. Zetas on the QT. Leaving only El Tubo's hoods to fire rockets at hapless corner shrimp coctail stands. People have returned for cheap drugos and boystown. Trouble is that los federales gotte leave pretty soon. I wonder what will happen?

Name Tubby's Kitty

Let's contribute. I vote "Krusty."

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Being French

"The [rioting] immigrants, mainly North African Muslims, are upset that they're being shunned by French society. They feel alienated, scorned, looked down upon. Apparently, they're unaware this is a common situation known as Being French."

Rob Corddry, The Daily Show

Thanks to kos

Bob Nixon: Hitler Youth 1931

I thought about this story today.

In about 1997 or so, I was judging a high school debate contest at Jefferson High School in SA. While milling about in the upstairs foyer in front of the library, a child pointed at the wall of former student council presidents and exclaimed, "hey, there's a nazi up there."

Sure enough, it was Bob Nixon, Student Council President, 1931, in his hitler youth uniform.

I called the Jewish Defense League, a Miss Gold, I recall. She just laughed at me. I told her I was not a nut, (I lied). She explained to me that the swaztika can have myriad uses and have multi-cultural significance. That is was used in a great deal of pre-columbian art, and had similar significance in Hindu culture as representing the wheel of life.

That picture is probably still up there on the wall.

I have a Q in the Whitehouse press gagle

With David Haddington, Vice -President Chief of Staff. He threatens to decimate several generations of my family. I say "bring it on."

Edit: Oh, yeah, I forgot. My question is listed under my reporter's "nom de plum" P.C. Higgins, (who is actually a mentally challenged local boy).

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Gilley's Razed

It burnt hulk buldozed. I have some nice memories of Gilley's.

Andrea Yates Appeal Sustained

Texas Criminal Court of Appeals rfused to take up the ruling of a lower court that the faulty testimony by Dr. Deitz, that Ms. Yates had planned to murder her children when inspired by an episode of Law and Order. The case is remanded for a new trial. Conventional wisdom is that Harris County will seek a plea bargain. see the news section

Andrea Yates is featured in the Driftwood song, "50 Dollars 50 Cents" Please go to Snake Farm at the band site and see the news clips.


I had known Elaine Bray Shook, the "Corpus Christi Occult Slayer." She drown her two toddlers in Corpus Christi Bay (in 1990?) because God told her to. The Devil was in those babies. She plead insanity and won. She was in the State Hospital and released in 1993. The odd thing is that she had previously jumped in a fetid canal in Massachusetts with her 1 1/2 baby in 1988. The baby was taken from her by Mass. CPS. She just started over again in Texas.

She killed herself in 1997.

Computer voting

I went to vote yesterday at the Moulton VFD. The city turned out in great numbers to register their approval of the Anti-Gay Amendment. It was festive. I have always wondered why people are so damned mad at homosexuals. But I am gonna back off from this issue a little since it is quite devisive among very well meaning folks on both sides.

They had one touch screen vote machine running. Voters were treated to a cartoonish demonstration of the machine usage by one of the Maeger boys. A very nice young man, who we had previously seen deliver a sermon at the Old Moulton Baptist Church. He cleverly employed a painting technique to produce a canvas of a Bible story contemporaneous to his talk. It was magical. At the end, he damped the church lights to reveal shimmering Angels all around the Heavenly cracking thunderbolts of Our Mighty Pissed - Off God, summoned by David to smite the wailing sodomites of Gamorrah, in a spastic paint-smeared orgy of Christian Justice. Whew! Is this the perfect guy to show everybody how they will be voting for the rest of their lives, or what? Hey, I got a choice for a paper ballot instead of the computer, which I selected and completed. They then took my completed paper ballot and shoved in into a "scanner" that appeared a lot like a paper shreader. So, I guess I voted by computer any damn way, didn't I?

Incidently, I understand that the Maegers, who are all seemingly top-notch folks, were once Amish, but were summarily excommunicated for praying with non-Amish during a blizzard in Montana. They are now, of course, Baptists.

Well, thank God homos can't get married in Texas :[

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


My daughter, a lovely goth-girl, who is beautiful and gifted in every way, has clinical depression. She is under care with a physician. We and her teachers, extended family and friends wish her the best for a speedy resolution to this unfortunate situation.

Tubby's kitty is fat, sassy...and lonely.

The voter turn-out here in Texas seems light. This is a set back for gay-rights and education.

Thanks to Dynomite for the web-link on Driftwood. We got turned down for a house concert gig today, which sucks. We've been bowed by a mighty wind, but remain unbroken.

I have a serious ojo malito for certain Dripping Springs costumers, but I will not use this blog as a vehicle for venal personal revenge.

Eddie, you took my crash by mistake. However, Lucy snagged your tamborine. We'll make the switch next time.

Look for a new add on MyTexasMusic. Please go leave some reviews for Snake Farm on our page, especially if you hate it. Search for Driftwood at Also, look for some band activity at Jimmy's on White Oak soon.

Monday, November 07, 2005

I have a theory....

Bands, music, clubs, movies, songs, singers, songwriters, bars, club music, rave, girls, rock n roll.

Let's see who bites.

Later: I guess these key words do not excite search engines for Let's try: tea bags, salad toss, hot karl's, fisting, Krispy Kream


Please vote against that "gay abortions for guns" thing tomorrow, or whatever. Seriously. Even though any law that discriminates based on gender is probably unconstitutional, the SCOTUS wipes its collective ring with the constitution, so let's not take any chances.

Heavy stop and search on the highways today - unsure why.

Soldier at Fort Bliss was exonerated from torture charges today - unsure why.

The kitten is still OK.

Slow News Day

I mean it. I've looked around quite a bit and find nothing published worth passing on or commenting about. It might be a post-weekend let down.

However, I ran into T.R. Ferenbach who reports that Hudson Bay has yet to freeze. Persistent Chinooks will not allow it. Balmy at the Green Bay game yesterday. A massive F-5 tornado ripped through Indiana (!?!) killing 22 including dozens of wounded and missing. I was sweating through my clothes while driving my '84 Lincoln into the office today. The trees are stressed and the animals disoriented.

I think the climate might be the news today.

Sunday Jam a Success

Good times.

I feel like we sorted out a lot of important things.

Learned a lot about Frontal Lobe Syndrome.

Eddie is a monster who probably shouldn't be messing around with us, but he didn't seem to mind. A wonderful person and performer in every way.

Looking forward to next time.

Tubby the Cat Missing

My brother in law's neighbor's cat, Tubby, an exceptionally affectionate calico female, has disappeared leaving a helpless litter of two week-old kittens. All have died as of today except for two survivors. My family has taken one in, which we feed with a dropper every few hours. I have Tubby's cousin, Matty, who seems perturbed. All cats in Moulton are related and look like it.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Corrections and Confessions

1. I am a horrible speller and neglect spell check inexcusably(sic?);
2. Renwick Carey was in the SA Light;
3. It is not Bush's fault Texas schools violate the rights of retarded and handicapped students;
4. I have friends who ride motorcycles who are not in mid-life crisis.

Thanks to the messages I have received so far who are not nuts, machines, or selling me something (you know who you are).

Jak Se Mas, bitches!!

Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

Texas schools cheating learning disabled students by fudge their comprehensive assessment scores so they can keep them out of special ed. It is corruption born from no child left behind. They cheat and lie, all on the backs of the weakess and most vulnerable. Modiciations are faulty. ARD reports are scams. It is no surprise that mentally and physically handicapped poor students are the easiest to steal from. It is Bush's fault. Shame. Shame. Shame.

Bite it and choke on it.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gordy Quist at Ole Moulton Bank

Just saw Gordy Quist at the Bank. The best stage in Texas makes good out of so-so, but Gordy brought it to the leopard skin tonight, with lots of presence and a solid rythym section with his excellent Gibson J-45. Strong voice and lots of the right stuff. I wish him well.

I got to run through few tunes with Dos Pachangas and Lucy Hill on drums (fully recovered from her case of the grip) before the show. It is nice to have Mike back.

Buenas noches

The Klan Marches in Austin (You have to register.)

They said there were several hundred anti-klan protesters. I understand the community goo-goos advised for eberybody to stay home and make no trouble. I'm glad they didn't. Let 'em march on th eeastside at night with no police protection. Let them exercise their free speech there. If their message is atractive, they'll do fine.

I know everytime I want to protest fascist politician's war crimes, they make me stand in a "free speech zone" like some kind a f-ing idiot. In Toledo, there was one cop for every fascist; as if they were marching together. I am sure the black residents understood the message loud and clear: Get Nigger. Shooting fire in a theatre cause panic and fear; shouting racial hatred in the middle of your street only causes this in black people. Hey, no problem, right?

I remember some of my lilly white friends having klan pins passed down from dad. My grandfather rode in the "Harris County Mounted Posse." My dad told me it was a Houston Rodeo club from back in the fifties. I have my doubts. Racism is so deeply rooted in America that the Southern Strategy Redux promoted by the republics as their numbers fade post-Katrina is dangerous. I believe that there ought to be moratoreum on klan marches right now. Besides, they are a terrorist group now more than ever, and as much of a threat to freedom as the Bush family, er, I mean Al queda.

They are marching to support the anti-gay marriage amendment to the Texas Constitution. See what I mean?

Also, I dissed the brother earlier about his bar blog by saying her was Maxine Messinger school. I should have said that he is more like Renwick Carey's "Round the Plaza," in the old SA Express News:

"Heard down at Levis' while I got my hat blocked by Lippy Schnorhauser: Joe Marbut and Willy Steves at the Menger Bar, to each other, 'one of my niggers fell in the gin and ground his behind down to his tail-bone.' Now thats getting a little behind in your work! Whammy! Watch out for Spanky Corkhoeller. He's burnt all his britches. Oh, you kid!

Good Morning!

200,000 motorcycle enthusiasts in Galveston today for the Lone Star Bike Rally. On the Strand. I would guess the leathers alone are worth the GDP of Uganda. That's cool - whatever. Why does the successful middle-aged man gravitate towards the outlaw biker image as he enters later life?

Cy-Fair is worried about gang activity in the distruct after a 16 year-old, Mr. Avant was murdered in a drive-by shooting. Folks noticed an increase in gang tagging on privacy fences. The youth victim went to Langham Creek HS, built for 3,800 students. The high school sports "nitrate sniffing dogs and metal detectors" at every entrance.

Houston Chronicle On-line has a blog on Houston Bars that sucks. Stultifying. It reads like the society page. Maxine Messinger school struggling to find a story. Homles, there are plenty of bars in Denver Harbor and 3rd Ward where you could gin up a murder before your very eyes if you try hard enough. Just take that lawyer with you. I promise.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Texas Investigating 15 Case of Dengue Fever

In Brownsville. health authorities are investigating 15 cases of dengue fever caused by local mosquitos.

There were 500,000 cases of the illness in Texas in 1922. By 1999 there were only 63 reported cases.

Look, Texas has been going backwards in public health for the last 25 years. Expect more of this.

Wurst Fest This Weekend

Few places in the US can one find crazed red-necks in leiderhosen in the thousands ready to kick ass for a sausage on a stick. Swlling Shiners by the gallon, they have massed in New Braunfels for a ten-day beer and wurst orgy since 1961. Caution: Polkas often break out without warning.

I have a crush on a girl

I think she knows it, too. But I must guard her privacy. (hint: she has a birthday coming up)

Maybe she'll think I'm super cool with my new blog and all.

Bugman's Judges Judged Judgemental

A new judge has been appointed to preside over Tom Delay's (R-Town Drunk) campaigne finance money laundering charges after two prior judges stepped down because of their own past polical contributions.

The newest judge, semi-retired Pat Preist of San Antonio is also questionable because of his own past exercises of legal politcal free speech.

I hope next time I am busted for speeding my judge has never driven a car.

Driftwood jams with guest drummer on Sun.


Lucy Hill, Hank Floyd, Rusty Hooks, with Mike Dos Pangas (just back from UK and Netherlands) holding it down. G.M. "Dynomite" Hoover back from baby break. Advent of guest drummer, Eddie Sifuentes of "Tin Hall Band" (see 10/28/05 performance Possible appearance by Frank N. Stein. At Liquiddaddy Studios Sun. at 2:00.

Serving Red Fish

"Chuckster Killer" Remains on the Lose

Authorities continue to scour downtown Houston for an escaped death-row murderer who used a fake badge to walk out of jail. He says to pen pals not to judge him, and keep an open mind about his good-natured sweetness. He is armed and dangerous.

Look at Me!

So we begin.

Out from the hinterlands comes the only blog (I know of) that attempts to gather the sights and sounds, news, opinions, music and culture of South Texas. 6 million gentes from El Paso to Brownsville - North to Galveston - and including parts of the Hill Country.

This is the crucible of people and politics that makes the sparks the future everywhere.

Some say we are a tiny Bannana Republic; and they are right. As I write, it is now dangerous for people to travel the border. Let's see why, shall we. Tom Delay is king of Bannana Land, but he is now under seige. Let's see what happens. George Bush cuts his brush on his pig farm here. Let's take a look now and then to see what mark he has made on the land and people here.

UFO's, Chupa Cabra's, Anthrax, Black Ops, Rolling Meth Labs; Polygamist Cults, Waco; Sexy Cheerleader Laws, Killer Bee's, and on and on. We're making history, and breaking news.

Yes, my opinions rule but I need you too. Let's get to know you. Tell me what you think. I'll be here everyday.

Llame Me,