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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We Can't Wait

Impeachment is back in the news again. Rep. Kucinich has introduced 35 articles to the floor today alleging various high crimes and misdemeanors against Bush, (and Cheney, I hope). There is a nice discussion of this throughout the lefty blogosphere.

I had been thinking the other day that the House should adopt the Senate Armed Services Committee report from last week wherein the members, including 2 Republicans, found that Bush and Cheney lied us into war, as articles of impeachment, and plan for a rapid, expedited process for prosecution in the event of some new national calamity. That way, if something happens that effects our national security, Speaker Pelosi would be president until the election, and during that time, effective bipartisan action could be underway to address the emergency.

I don't want to lose another great American city, or have another war, or see gas prices bury the middle class, or see our national prestige trampled in the dirt and pissed on by incompetent, evil little cowards anymore.

Right now, Bush is flushing our currency down the toilet for his own purposes, and while other nations are raising interest rates, we will be the ones holding worthless greenbacks. That by itself convinces me that the time for the people to act is near at hand.

Call your congress critters and let them know that the eyes of Texas are upon them.


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