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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Chupy Files:

The NYT today printed several replies to Thomas Friedman’s recent column bemoaning the lack of leadership on the fuel front:

Marilyn Simon of Boca Raton said, “let’s not forget the effect on working people when both the price of fuel and the price of fuel efficient cars are high.”

-That’s a good counterpoint to a story I just read about sales of million-dollar mid-town condos heating up because of the rising cost of commuting; while the rest of us poor schlubs are taking it in the neck because, as Willie Sutton said, “that’s where the money is.”

And Mary Ann Kae of Seattle opined “I envision a future president setting an oil independence deadline reminiscent of JFK’s declaration that the US would land a man at the moon within ten years.”

-I like the sound of that, but I suggest reading chapter four of Kuntsler’s book “The Long Emergency” (see previous post, “Castles in the sand”) about how alternative fuels will fail us. He maintains that modern miracles such as the Manhattan Project were all made possible by cheap and abundant fossil fuels that are no longer available to us.

The Bushite’s response to Kyoto was that the “American Way of Life” was not negotiable

It’s about time that we understand that it’s unsustainable.


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