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Friday, May 30, 2008

Give It to Jesus

I was getting high in the car on the way from Austin, (BTW, Steve Brudniak's gallery show opening is tonight through this weekend, [see details to the left] not that the two are related in any way ;-) and I heard talk show smash mouths frothing over the latest pastorgate silliness. Why? Because my '71 Gallaxy only has a tintie little AM radio. It was that, polka's or Pastor Hagee.

There's a lot of hate out there in the Garden of America.

And it all seemed to be a rant about how much hate spews forth from the pulpit of the seeming black nationalist movement within the black church. That Minister Farakahn is a facist. And it all seems to spill on Senator Obama, because his hair didn't catch fire as he ran screaming from his church due to all the hate, and so on.

How strange and funny it is to hear that William Aires, who is supposedly a terrorist who loves him some Obama, wasn't convicted for bombing the Pentagon because of the fruit of the poisoned tree planted by one of the greatest terrorists of all, Richard M. Nixon.

I imagine that any revolutionary idea radicalizes itself the further its reduction by philosophical mastication. The rows between Mikhail Bakunin and Karl Marx at somebody's grimy tenement kitchen table over privatization or collectivism, or the last gin are legendary. Who plays the purest solo, Arnette Coleman or John Coltrane? Ideas are lovely things, until a time comes when they gain influence in culture, and then they run the risk of becoming corrupted by power and the requirement for compromise, pragmatism and practicality.

That's what's so funny about that Metalacylpse show where a metal band gets so popular they become the tenth largest economy in the world. Hijinks ensue. The irony is that even though they guys in the band are kings, they're really just bums.

Molly Ivins used to say that Bill Clinton was so slick he could slide through a crack in the wall. His success in forging compromise is his seeming total lack of any solid ideology. Let's hope Senator Obama becomes equally elastic.


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