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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pastor Hagee Fights Back!

Pastor Hagee's Press Release

I feel the need after days of media misrepresentation to respond to slanderous accusations about being a religious bigot. It is truly disappointing to me to see how quickly accusation and rumor crystallize into fact in the hands of media outlets, which do not seem interested in subjecting these claims to serious review in search of the truth. If they would come to know our former Catholic, Temple Boys, who serve delicious iced tea and set up chairs (and clean up after) in the church basement for our twice-weekly demon. exorcisms, this outrageousness would never come to be.

I know that those of you here today know better than to believe everything you hear on the television or read in the newspaper. I know this because most of you have never succumbed to sinful and worldly acts such as reading, and all church issued televisions only have one channel. But I want to thank you for your trust and your faith in me as evidenced by your many cards, letters and phone calls of support at home and across America. The main claim my critics are making is that I am anti-catholic and that I have made derogatory statements about the Catholic Church. Sure, many of you have become a little over zealous at "Toss a Catholic for Christ" sessions here at the church, but this is all in good fun.

Anyone who knows anything about me, my life's work and this church, knows how utterly false this accusation is. Nonetheless, let me state my position as clearly as I can. I am not now, nor have I ever been anti-Catholic. Cornerstone Church has operated a social services center for more than 20 years where we feed the hungry and clothe the needy five days a week. The vast majority of those who benefit from this ministry are Catholic. These poor souls can't help being raised in Satan's bosom; sipping poison from the Dark Master's trident fundus. All we can do is to show mercy, understanding, and whenever possible, remove the younger ones to serve in the Hagee House.

I personally supported a convent for over ten years providing complimentary housing for elderly, retired nuns. Many of you remember the day of honor that we had for those nuns in this church for their lifetime of service to God. Some said they would never survive Our Lord's painful obstacle course to the True God, but sure nuff a few did. These are not the acts of someone who is anti-Catholic. I have dedicated most of my adult life to eradicating anti-Semitism from Christianity, even if it meant throwing the Pope under the bus.

As part of this effort, I have criticized the past anti-Semitism of the Catholic Church and the Protestant Church. In fact, I rarely speak about Christian anti-Semitism without denouncing the founder of Protestantism, Martin Luther, whose book, "concerning the Jews and their lies" was a poisoned well of anti-Semitism. Calling Christians to account for our past anti-Semitism does not make me anti-Catholic and it does not make me Anti-Protestant. It simply makes me an opponent of anti-Semitism.

Throughout my life, I have often taught from the Book of Revelation. During these teachings, I have read to you the Apostle John's writings about the great whore of Revelation 17. In my writings, I have never stated that the great whore is the Catholic Church. Quite to the contrary, the Book Revelation teaches clearly that the great whore will be an apostate church made up of all Christians from all denominations that stray from the path of God and embrace a godless lifestyle including the sin of anti-Semitism.

The media attacks have expanded to include the accusation that I am also anti-gay. The Bible clearly teaches that homosexuality is not a righteous lifestyle. But this doesn't mean that I and the millions of other bible-believing Christians are hateful toward the gay community. My gosh no. The Bible teaches that there are many sins and that all of us are guilty of committing sin at some point in time. The fact that 90% of the men in this church regularly wear pink izods, severely pressed slacks, penny-loafers, live with their mothers, and have never married gives me great pride that this church is a magnet to men who would turn away from harlots so forcefully.

Does this mean that I hate you, that I hate myself or anyone who comes short of the Glory of God? No, on the contrary. Christ teaches us to love one another, as I have loved you. We follow Christ' example; we hate the sin and we love the sinner. As most of you know, two years ago, I founded Christians United for Israel. I believed then and believe now that Israel's friends dare not be silent when Israel is facing such serious threats to her existence.

Ever since I started speaking out for Israel, I have come under intense scrutiny and increasing attack. I did not plan to spend this period of my life in the middle of a political fire storm. Rest assured I will not shrink from our work on behalf of Israel. And when the time come, I'll be the first one there roasting a weenie on the Temple Mount.

I will continue to stand with Israel in the future. (Applause) Thank you very much. Thank you.

© John Hagee Ministries 2008


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