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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Eldorado Outrage

State officials announced yesterday that over 30 of the 50-some 14-to-17 year-old girls from the FLDS compound are pregnant. One is thirteen.

I wonder if this will shut-up any of the folks professing outrage at the state’s treatment of these simple God-fearing people. The same folks that blame Clinton and Reno because Vernon Howell lead his flock to a fiery death, or blame the FBI because that nut Randy Weaver got his wife shot at Ruby Ridge.

Reading “Grits for Breakfast” last week I learned that the Salt Lake Tribune has a reporter, Brooke Adams, that covers the polygamist beat. Could be that the subject of religious nuts is too much for any one reporter. Today’s paper had a story of a couple in Wisconsin charged in the death of their daughter from a treatable illness that they deemed “spiritual,” and news that the Florida House had passed a mandate that the states schools challenge evolution.

I get so P-O’d when I hear people say how religious the founding fathers were. Madison records that a motion to hire a preacher to pray for the constitutional convention failed because the founders were unwilling to pay for a preacher. They voted to save themselves a fight there, and we ought to respect that precedent if we know what's good for us.


At 7:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey you guys,

I know of some Jooooooz who have pregnant teenagers.

Also, those orthodox have really weird doctrines and teachings in the Talmud. And those arranged marriages? Plus they dress weird. And they only like to breed with Joooooooz.

And segregation of the genders by the Jooooooz is anti feminist.

We should take the children of the Joooooooz. Let's give them to the Baptists.
Yeah, let's take the children of the Joooooooz.

Your friend,


At 7:48 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...

'Dolf old bean,

Your's might be the final solution.

I can tell you are glad the state torre those poor children from their mother's bossoms.

It's outrageous.

Obviously those gals in the LDS compound have it together since they all dress exactly the same, look the same and give the same robotic responses when called on to answer questions. It's clear that they don't need any help from anybody.

And they certainly aren't segregated by gender. If a problem between the "wives" crops up, the church just moves the ladies and their children into another 50-something man's God-fearing household.

They don't even need a soul. Hell the church makes identities for them and their kids anytime they need it. It helps with welfare claims, and since their are so many nosey officials interfering all the time, you can't have too many birth certificates.

Anti-feminist? Those gals never had it so good.


with their religious practicesy move around so much


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