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Thursday, May 01, 2008

The Wright Stuff

Many of us have wondered what would happen when Obama ceased to be a media darling and instead became a target for slime. I didn’t think that the “God, guns, and gays” thing would kill him, and even though I heard “God damn America” (and little else) about a jillion times, I didn’t think that could sink him either. I went online and heard the whole sermon, and wasn’t all outraged. Even Pastor Huckabee, who can pander with the best of them, gave Wright a pass.

I was saddened when the Wheeler Ave. Baptist Church cancelled this year’s visit from the Reverend Wright because he’d received death threats. I had hoped to hear him speak. I tuned in late for his appearance on Bill Moyers’ show, but heard some of the National Press Club talk on Pacifica Radio.

“Chickens coming home to roost” turned out bad for Malcolm X, and it’s not working out well for Wright either. As for genocide by HIV, I don’t know, but it sounds crackpot to me, except in the sense of by neglect, which is hardly disputable. Makes me wonder though, how many Americans know about the Tuskegee experiments, which went on until about thirty years ago.

Anyways, I was disappointed to see that Obama had to throw him overboard, like he was Tom Eagleton or something. I was hoping that Oprah would have him on the show for like a week, until he sold a million books and became as ubiquitous as Dr. Phil, becoming America’s favorite Ex-Marine Black Preacher.

Oh well, what do I know..


At 10:14 AM , Blogger jobsanger said...

I agree that the HIV accusation soesn't sound likely, but after the Tuskegee experiments I can understand why he might believe it.
This whole thing is getting tiresome though. It's time for the media to find another dead horse to beat.

At 7:48 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...


I was never confused about the political damage this situation would eventually cause Obama's campaign, but I never heard Rev. Wright utter one thing I ever disagreed with.

The biggest stain on my soul is the separation I accept between politics and the truth as a necessary evil in realizing the greater good.


At 7:51 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...

By the way, come back and see us Jobsanger. You plainly are somebody we like.



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