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Sunday, May 11, 2008

21st Annual Houston Art Car Parade

The parade was mega fun! Yes, it was scorching hot, but all the action made up for it. Here we are in tow with Venus. This is the only one of us I could spot on this morning. Lucy took some personal photos, and I will share some of these once I figure out how to load them. I felt we made nearly everyone happy we were there.

Personally, I need to note the presence of one group that stole the show, in my opinion. The Chicks with Missle Dicks, shown below, who are a guerrilla auxilliary force connected with Code Pink. These determined street protesters and their gorgeous partners have seemingly endless energy and courage, and should be commended for their great effort and showmanship.

Be sure to visit Chron soon and view the beautiful shots they have up for the best kept secret international event in Texas.

Thanks to Nite Train, Judge Hoarse, M. dos Pachangas, Lil Niki, the kids, J-Roam, Beat-o and everybody who contributed.

J-Roam told me a joke that reminded me of HRC's strange compaign these days:

A man comes in to a bar with a seeing-eye dog, orders a drink, then walks on the dance floor and starts spinning the large animal around his head to the astonishment of the bar tender. "What are you doing?!", shouts the bar-keep.

"Just taking a look around."

By the way, Happy 104th Birthday to Huey Long. We love you Huey. Hope to see you soon.


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