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Thursday, June 05, 2008


A lot of sites I visit often change to a sturdier server. These changes sometimes include access information for users, or require page flips or patience for ghostly add banners that float across the screen when loading. This is a natural evolutionary event, I think, as blogs grow in popularity.

My Luddite reaction is to plow through them as I do when driving in freeway construction situations. So I miss the significance of these blog moves to the detriment of our link section.

Juanita, for instance, has been offering some of the best blog goodies for years now, and reigns at She is deservedly contributing to the Texas Observer, as pointed out by Hizonner. We are delighted for her, and for ourselves, and wish her to keep up the good work.

And props to Vince Liebowitz, a monster of political journalism around these parts, and the daddy of I don't mention his good efforts nearly enough, although I love his site and enjoy reading his thoughtful writing at SA Current, among other places. Go say hi, and show some love to both these guys.


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