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Monday, June 02, 2008

Governor and Attorney General Missing

Janet Elliot and Clay Robison of the Chronicle’s Austin Bureau, and columnist Rick Casey have been all over Perry and Abbot over their non-handling of the FLDS case.

Rick Perry has done little but to trot out his spokespersons to utter platitudes such as “the state’s first priority is protecting children,” but that figures, since religious nuts is Perry’s base. How do you think that crazy cult got so established out there? It wasn’t just benign neglect that allowed it either, this outfit parlayed six-figure bank loans into million dollar defense contracts.

And Attorney General Greg Abbott’s office informed the Texas Supreme Court that they may be filing a brief in the case, but later informed the court that they wouldn’t.
Hot potato.

Rick Casey says that the CPS just got out-lawyered and out- public relationed, suggesting that their legal arm is resourced like their caseworkers, who have twice the national average caseload. Here’s how he wrapped up his last piece:

“If this state had leaders, they would be trying to help CPS handle this terribly difficult case in the best possible manner – not treating the agency like the proverbial red-headed stepchild.”


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