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Monday, June 02, 2008

Judge orders the return of polygamous sect's kids to parents

By Brooke AdamsThe Salt Lake Tribune

SAN ANGELO, Texas -- A Texas judge today signed an order that said hundreds of children seized during a raid on a polygamist compound.The terms of the release remain tough for sect members. Parents must agree to be photographed picking up their children, and to be fingerprinted and provide identification, as well as agree to attending "standard parenting classes," according to the order.

They also must agree not to interfere with the Texas Child Protective Services' ongoing investigation into alleged child abuse and neglect; allow CPS workers to visit, question and examine the children, both medically and psychologically, in their homes.

Further, the parents must provide seven days notice before any moves, and 48 hours notice of any travel more than 100 miles from their homes -- and they are prohibited from leaving Texas with their children.

Marleigh Meisner, a CPS spokeswoman, said the agency was "very pleased" with the order because it allows for the investigation to continue while providing for the safe return of the children, which CPS will try to do in a "prompt and orderly" manner. amous sect's ranch must immediately be released to their families.

Meisner said CPS is hoping to provide services to FLDS families to help them become "better parents." The agency also still feels "very strongly" there is cause for concern for the safety of some chidlren, she said.

At one point, the state claimed there were 31 underage girls were who were pregnant or mothers or both. That number dwindled to five as the state conceded most of the girls are actually adults. Those five girls will also be released under Walther's order, Meisner said.

The raid has "certainly been one of the most diffcult things we've ever been involved in as an agency," Meisner said, praising CPS staff.


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