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Saturday, June 07, 2008

President Cheney in Houston for Olson Fundraiser

Tens of right-wing millionaires gathered in billionaire Dan Duncan’s River Oaks home Friday to bankroll former Phil Gramm staffer Pete Olson’s campaign to replace nominal Democrat Nick Lampson as congressman from the Texas House seat that until recently was defiled by Tom DeLay.

Attendees paid between $2,500 and $14,600 to hear Dick Cheney speak.
(You can go to and see Harry Shearer do Cheney for free)

Olson’s campaign is in debt after dispatching wacky dermatologist Shelly Sekula Rodriguez-Gibbs in the Republican primary run-off.

Ironically, Duncan testified in Federal Court in Houston this week about a Russian hunting trip he took in which five moose and four sheep were illegally shot from a helicopter.

No word yet as to whether any of the animals were shot in the face.


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