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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Floods Biblical?

I expect you’ve all been hearing of the effects of corn-based ethanol production on the price of food. This bogus alternative fuel, which costs more energy to produce than it ultimately yields, has a spillover effect because as farmers plant more corn to cash in on high prices, wheat, soybeans, and other crops rise in price as less is produced.

Now, freak storms have flooded the state of Iowa, America’s biggest corn producer. The Governor has declared 83 of 99 counties to be disaster areas. Even if the fields dry out enough to replant this years crop, they’re sure to come up short of this years estimated 2 billion bushels.

I haven’t heard of Jerry Falwell or John Hagee announcing that God has smitten the Midwest for all their fornication and sodomy, like He did Florida and New Orleans.

(Haven’t heard of any natural disasters striking Lynchburg Virginia, have you? That probably shows that having Falwell’s outfit there is plague enough.)

If this was a real case of divine retribution, I think it would smite the Corn Belt politicians that have been enabling the insidious Archer Daniels Midland agribusiness corporation with ethanol subsidies, sugar tariffs, and other considerations. With $44 billion in revenues last year, ADM may be the biggest corporate welfare queen in history.


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