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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tailypo Taaaaailypooh!

I have seen Tailypo in the alley behind my house. He is big (50-60 lbs.) black, and blood thirsty. The first time I encountered him, he was in a tree biting the heads off a family of squirrels. He was snarling so loudly that people came out of their houses to watch. I intend to capture this monster on film and report additional findings. This truly a crypto-zoological mystery at this point.

Starting next year, driftwood, in association with liquiddaddy entertainment, inc. plan to launch, an on-line magazine. This will be fun. We would like artists of all stripes: visual, performance, music, photography, poetry, prose (non-fiction, fiction, news) to contribute. Please contact us for inquiries. We would especially like reviews, and band's mp-3's. Ivan Maltz, the continental, will be featured with regular reviews on food, booze and culture. We look forward to offering a line of merchandise from monkeys to mangos, including lucha masks, dashboard icons, and tee-shirts from fera unidas. Maybe a 24-hour ghost cam at St. Domineques' in D'Hanis?

driftwood is in the studio roughing out tracs for the next record "dedicated (to a cowboy & cowgirl in the sky)" for release in '07. LD recording artist Johnny Cleveland is serving time on the chain gang in guntown for a few months, but will emerge tanned, rested, and ready to kick some ass. We miss him.

We would like to thank everybody for Zippidy Doo Da's move from a ranking of 1,721,000 to 1,032,000 in six months. This is very encouraging.

Dos Pachangas is gonna have a little girl baby, and Nails is expecting again. Everybody wish them continued good luck.


At 8:46 PM , Blogger Silence Dogwood said...

-don't be looking at me like that;
it's just a beer belly.


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