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Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Roy Cohn Party

Dennis Hastert lives with his male chief of staff - not gay?

Ralph Reed and Gary Bauer noodle wristed pancake flippers - not gay?

Orin Hatch likes ass-less chaps and chicken - not gay

Larry Craig -oops!

Jim Kolbe scout master?

Tom Foley tech head?

Dana Rohrabacher dines alone, for 35 years.

Karl Rove - how's your leather slave?

George Bush - everybody has butt sex in a coffin, shoot! A youthful indescretion.

Scooter Libby - not your average bear.

Michael Medved: Hello, sailor!

Ken Mehlman - say no more.

Scotty McClellan: likes bars where everybody wears leather, but no one owns a motorcycle.

Duke Cunningham: couldn't wait for poker night.

Rick Perry and Roger Williams: set tongues wagging.

Condi Rice: slumber parties and pillow fights with Gwen Ifel.

Henry Kissinger: never met a fist he didn't like

Republican Party: self loathing hypocrites or family values party?

You make the call. November 7th


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