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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Security Moms, Are You Listening?

They're going to have to do something special with the guidance package if this is going to work. Cruise missiles (e.g BG-109 Tomahawk Land Attack Missile) use a mix of TERPROM/INS/DSMAC and latterly GPS (in Block III+) to get CEP down to the few metres level. Ballistic missile warheads have never had this sort of accuracy, because when you've got a 475kT W88 warhead (or eight of 'em on a Mk5 re-entry vehicle), then a CEP of 100–120m is ample, even against buried structures. It's not true to say that warload on a cruise missile is small compared to an ICBM. Re-entry vehicles weigh less than half a ton total. The standard Bullpup warhead on a TLAM is 1000lb. The issue is flight time, not yield.
I think they'd be better off adapting something like the B-61 Mod 10 tactical bomb which you can dial-a-yield from 80kT (kill a small city) down to 0.3kT (kill a terrorist village). Airbursts with a micronuke would cause very little residual fallout, blast and thermal would be short range, and the prompt radiation would kill enemies within hours even if they were under cover. What's not to like
(from Dvd. Gilles, 5/06, Ace of Spades HQ site)
Republican pollsters are always trying to show that people feel safer when their party is in charge. That begs the question ‘safer from what?’ From Mexicans? Canadians? People in Funny Hats? Last year Rumsfeld approved a Navy plan to arm sub launched Trident missiles with conventional weapons. This is not a ratcheting down of threats, it’s more a matter of ‘what good are they if we can’t use them?’ mentality. Think of it as another option in responding to a North Korean threat? Think again. Imagine Chinese or Russian missile defense people seeing eight warheads coming their way from a sub-launched missile. In the next fifteen minutes they decide whether to launch their missiles in retaliation. Feeling safer yet? This almost happened in 1995 after a scientific launch in Norway. Yeltsin came within minutes of raining hell down on us.


At 8:12 PM , Blogger Nails said...

I believe it is fear they are peddling, not safety. See JCCH's post "Orwellian and Kafkaesque".
Safety really means fear in newspeak.


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