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Monday, October 30, 2006

Kissing Babies (not too much)

The republicans seem to want to make sure that the scourge of pederasts will no longer afflict society after re-electing them in a few days. Boy, did this issue get past me! I had no idea this was such a problem. Greg Abbott is going to call a task force to keep them out of Johnny's pants, even if he has to stand up and do it himself. David Dewherst, (the guy in the nazi suit) says life in prison, and if they rub Johnny that way again, DEATH. Of course, Johnny's teeth have fallen out by now, he doesn't have any glasses to help him read. But that doesn't matter because he has been thrown off Medicaid, and can't get CHIPs. All his special need services in school are gone so he can't read that damn well anyway.

That reminds me, how does Henry Bonilla get off saying he is getting all these community clinics funded when they are all closed thanks to him and the state republicans?

If republicans didn't have fear, mendacious lies, and xenophobia to run on, what would you do?


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