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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

An Echo, Not A Choice

I’m bothered at the prospect of voting for a candidate I love in what looks to be a losing battle against the evil of two lesser. Now it looks like the Chronicle editorial board has a similar problem. Sunday they endorsed John Culberson for re-election not because of the job he’s done in congress, (where he was little more than a parrot on Tom DeLay’s shoulder) but because he is favored to win in his rich republican district. They exhort him to strive toward a reasonable and responsible center rather than pursue a narrow partisan agenda at the expense of good government. They don’t even name his opponent, Jim Henley, who has been teaching history and coaching winning debate teams at Lanier Middle School for 18 years. Henley, ready to retire from teaching, is making this race as a final lesson to his students. I daresay it wasn’t intended to be a lesson in futility. Now today the Chron endorses Kay Bailey Hutchison for another term. Now Kay Bailey’s record has always looked good compared to Phil Gramm and John Cornyn, but that’s not saying much. This time the editorial mentions her opponent, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, calling her an impressive opponent and hoping that she will not be lost to the political scene. Radnofsky’s challenge forced Hutchison to re-examine her lock-step march behind the White House. What say we elect the right candidates, and not ones that we hope will see the light?


At 12:45 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...

Oh, what a dilemma Mr. Friedman makes for us supporters with his diminished hopes for success? The Chronicle's problems are somewhere along those lines. Walter Cronkite tells a story about when he worked for the Chronicle his editor told him never to rock the boat. In my lifetime that has been their credo so strongly it should be written accross the masthead: "All the News that Never Rocks the Boat."

But Kinky voted for Hutchison and Lamar Smith. I think he did this because 1. he likes them; 2. he is basically conservative, himself; and 3. Kinky is just as establishment as the people he is running against. I believe he is a maverick and that he believes what he says; otherwise, I would not have supported him.

The Democrats in Texas (as a party) represent sell-out politics - I will not support them on a straight ticket, but will vote individually based on the issues. I continue to support Kinky Friedman for governor and urge others to do so.


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