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Sunday, October 29, 2006

District 129 Rep. John Davis

sent me a flyer this week. He says that the Republicans have a lot to brag about since they’ve been in the majority. Let’s see; last I knew, the City of Rochester New York had universal health insurance. The State of Vermont covers everybody under eighteen. And the State of Texas dropped coverage on 200,000 low income children on your watch.
Is that what you’re bragging about?
He brags about no new taxes. Hmm. Maybe he wrote this before the last special session that passed Perry’s new stopgap business tax.
$2,000 pay raise for teachers; ask a schoolteacher this week about their big raise. It’s my understanding that the Legislature raised their health insurance premiums at the same time, which ate up most of the increase. But ask a teacher and I’ll bet you get some kind of answer. Teachers are like older people, they vote in numbers exceeding their percentage of the population, and they often vote alike. I’ll be way surprised if I hear of them voting big for the GOP this year.
Oh, the litany goes on, they been fighting crime, controlling illegal immigration, making the courthouse a safer place for corporations and insurance companies, giving some property tax relief to people with expensive or multiple houses, and trying to impose their idea of “family values” on the rest of us. Makes me wanna puke.
This is the first I’ve heard from Rep. Davis. His opponent Sherrie Matula must be putting the heat on him. I heard that she cleaned his clock in a debate once before she became a candidate. I’m looking forward to voting this race.


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