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Friday, November 03, 2006

Best Served Cold

I'll make this the last post before the election. Having bought enough supplies to last 'till wednesday, I will retreat to the media viewing room starting with the sunday atrocities, and main-line cable like Bill Bennett in a pachingo parlour.

So much to cluck-cluck and thigh-rub over! It has been noticable the last few days that the republicans feel the need to create a bone-simple media myth around this election that will leave them blameless victims with a storeyline that will sustain the blind hatred of the flying monkeys until next time. Wing nuts cannot live without feeling victimized and hating a strawman. That's why they never stopped being assholes even though they controlled nearly every power center in the country. Ironically, this loss should make them "happy."

It might go like this: the media wouldn't let them get their message out, (bias) about the economy, Iraq, education and tax reform. Forces conspired in the perfect storm to paint the pukes with the pink brush. Voters got spooked by the war and lost their guts. The mommy party beat the daddy party because they accidentally burned down the house while installing gun safes, baby monitors, and smoke alarms.

Revenge is the oxygen they breathe.

However, all the guff they spewed over John Kerry's "joke" reminded a lot of people why Democrats often lose. They run effete, WASPy, pinched intellectuals instead of leaders with a human touch. That reminds me...Chris Bell is gonna lose.

The last three times we have run a beaurocrat dressed like a cowboy, an affable billionaire, and an empty suit.

Back to the US, what the republicans probably don't understand is that the base of the Democratic (hear that you f-ckers, it's "democratic" not "democRAT party") Party don't only want these hosebags out of office, they want to see them in prison. Dark days for the pubes are ahead. No amount of rump sex and crank will make it better.

Let the games begin!


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