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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Real Texans Don't Drink Starbucks

I came accross this breathless post at BOR that is, if it were art, would be called "pin heads in amber." It is so remarkably characteristic of the way the coterie of vacuous young wipes prop up the shame that is the Texas Dems.

Edited to add a new Zogby poll which further confirms the anti-Perry vote is finally consolidating behind Chris Bell:

36.7% - Rick Perry
28.5% - Chris Bell
15.0% - Carole Strayhorn
14.4% - Richard Friedman

The Houston Chronicle, with KHOU-TV, has a new poll (10/29) confirming what every other post-debate poll tells us: Chris Bell is the top challenger and we have a real chance to beat a vulnreable Perry if we can unite behind Bell. It is time to tell everyone you know the truth about Carole Strayhorn! We must unite to win.

What they don't see is that Perry isn't going to beat them; rather, Richard Friedman is. Instead of figuring out why, they just remain, well, clowns.

I am a Democrat in the mold of Sissy Farenthold or LBJ (when he was pink) so I won't pretend to lecture. However, it might help for them to get to know folks better.


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