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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Mexico's Government Split

While the noise machine blares, nothing else is heard. So much is going on, MSM's obsessions tend to eclipse important news. Kos likes the metaphor of the kid's soccer game. Instead of covering the field they chase the ball. Whoever can throw that ball in-bounds has the power to control the news cycle.

Back in my day, a North American government in civil war was big deal:

Associated Press

MEXICO CITY — Hundreds of thousands of supporters of leftist Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador elected him the leader Saturday of a "parallel government" opposed to President-elect Felipe Calderon's administration.

The symbolic "vote" - a show of hands in the packed Zocalo plaza - was the latest development in Mexico's nearly three month electoral dispute. Lopez Obrador claims fraud and illegal government spending were responsible for Calderon's victory by less than 234,000 votes in the July 2 election, and he has vowed to be the new leader's biggest opponent.

It was unclear what the "parallel government," complete with its own Cabinet, would entail.

Lopez Obrador supporters said they would travel the country and set up committees to spread Lopez Obrador's message of helping the nation's millions of poor and opposing the elite.

They also said they would continue protests against the government.

"This is the firm and honorable response to those who have converted our political institutions into a grotesque farce," Lopez Obrador said.

Events are spiraling out of control. To assume that Obrador has no power is wrong. He evidently controls the government where his party is in control. This has to be solved by the army. I guess up along the frontera, nobody will know much difference since the state police are shooting at the federales (over drugs) anyway.

In the US news, I am noticing possible misinformation being injected into the press a lot like in the Venezuelen elections, i.e. socialist goons intimidating moderates, outside interference from pinko spooks, etc.; see:

If the Bush administration was actually operating as anything other than a rogue nation, we might have some hope.

Please keep your fingers crossed.


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