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Thursday, September 07, 2006

What Can I Say?

Thanks to Pinkdome

Capitol Annex, the best political blog in Texas said today:

10,000 Troops On The Border

Kinky Friedman would like to put 10,000 National Guard troops along the Texas-Mexico border.

Kinky Friedman has lost his mind.

It's yet another example of Friedman grabbing on to whatever issues another candidate happens to be touting at the moment and making idiotic, outlandis statements on those issues in order to get more press. This latest stroke of Friedman genius comes on the heels of Rick Perry's ad about all he's done to promote border security.

I thought about this all day. I called Mr. Friedman's press aid, and couldn't get a comment. Then I looked at Kinky's platform:

Friedman’s plan proposes solutions to curbing illegal immigration; lowering crime rates in the cities most affected by Katrina evacuees; lowering property taxes, government spending and appraisal caps; and an end to Gov. Rick Perry’s business tax.

Illegal immigration
His plans for illegal immigration include increasing the number of Texas National Guard troops on the border (from the current 1,500 to 10,000), imposing $25,000 and $50,000 fines on companies that hire illegal immigrants and requiring foreign nationals seeking employment to purchase a foreign taxpayer ID card once they have passed a criminal background check.

“Texas can no longer wait for our federal government to solve our illegal immigration problem,” Friedman said. “These are steps that Texas can immediately take to help stem the tide of illegal immigrants penetrating our border.”

Crime in Houston has shot up about 20 percent since it opened its doors to Katrina evacuees. About 21 percent of those crimes involved an evacuee as either a suspect or a victim.

Friedman is calling for $100 million to be allocated immediately in Houston to fight crime and increase the number of police officers on the streets. Other cities such as Dallas and the border region will also see an increase in state fund allocations based on spikes in crime rates.

Government Spending/Taxes
Under Perry’s watch, state spending and property taxes have increased at rates that far exceed population increases and inflation. Appraisals are out of control, and Texans are being taxed out of their homes.

“These economic trends are not in line with a state that’s sitting on an $11 billion to $13 billion surplus,” Friedman said.

His fiscal policy would call for enacting legislation that will cap state spending, with increases adjusted for inflation, population increases and unforeseen disasters. Under Perry, the state saw an 18 percent increase in state spending from 2004-2005 to 2005-2006, with the budget jumping from $117.4 billion to $138.2 billion.
To give Texans the property tax relief they deserve, Friedman would also call for a cap on appraisals from the current 10 percent per year down to 3 percent.

“Texas is taking in more tax revenue than ever before, and we’ve got a surplus between $11 billion and $13 billion,” Friedman said. “Yet the politicians want to spend your money and raise your taxes. Texans should be outraged.”

Perry’s Business Tax
As governor, Friedman also vowed to abolish Perry’s business tax, which makes Texas the only state in the country with a tax on gross business income.

“Taxing small and medium businesses hurts our state’s economy and discourages new businesses from coming to Texas,” Friedman said. “I will get rid of this tax, which is amounts to nothing more than a personal income tax in disguise.”

That doesn't sound so crazy to me. I think a couple of $50,000.00 fines would do nicely to help straighten things out. 10,000 troops couldn't stay forever, but it's a start. People got to figure out if they are serious about border issues, or have confused the issue with hatred of brown people. The two things are different.

Also, Houston Metro pay 60% plus of the general tax revenue to the state, but get less than 20 cents on the dollar back. When I was growing up, Houston was basically the dumping ground for pole dancers, war refugees, parolees, mentally ill, homeless, rehab _________, prisoners, toxic waste, criminally insane, and Cantinflas. Why should it be any different with Katrina victims? What's the matter with getting a little chunk back?


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