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Monday, September 04, 2006

Dolphin Like Mad Dog

Brest, France - For several weeks, an enraged dolphin has been terrorising the French Atlantic coast, attacking boats and knocking fishermen into the sea, French media reported on Wednesday.
"He's like a mad dog," complained Hneri Le Lay, president of the association of fishermen and yachtsmen of the port of Brezellec, in Brittany.
"He has caused at least €1 500 damage in the past few weeks."
The dolphin, who has been named Jean Floch, has destroyed rowboats, overturned open boats, flooded engines and twisted mooring lines.
Worse, two fishermen were knocked into the sea after the dolphin overturned their boat.
"I don't want to see any widows or orphans," Le Lay warned. "This could end badly."
Jean Floch has been a popular and familiar sight along the coast of Brittany since 2002. But experts say that he must have been excluded from his group recently to have turned so violent.


At 11:28 AM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

Reminds me of hearing Lenny Bruce tell about people lost at sea being rescued by dolphins who pushed them to shore. He pointed out that we wouldn't hear from people pushed out to sea by dolphins, and suggested that they just like pushing people around and didn't care which way they went.

At 9:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

C'est vrai monsier charles cheveau,
c'est ne-pas la meme chose;
-jean floch


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