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Thursday, August 31, 2006

When the Going Gets Tough the Tough Get Funny

It is so hot around Texas I am sweating through my third set of clothes just typing this. Blogging is hard.

I saw a couple of things from around the state I wanted to mention. Ciro looked like he was pulling out of the race against Bush toady, Henry Bonilla. Having announced so last night at a labor hall. He was downcast over his perceived place in the race, or something, I am not sure. But it is not settled yet. From the less creepy side of "Strange Bedfellows":

But this afternoon, campaign spokeswoman Gina Castañeda called to say, essentially: Woah. Rodriguez, she said, had given himself until 5 p.m. Friday to make up his mind about whether to push ahead with his campaign or fold it up.

"He's mulling it over," Castañeda said. "He's talking to his family and he's talking to his supporters."

And what about his comments the night before to the San Antonio AFL-CIO Central Labor Council?

"He acted in some haste," she said.

But reading down into the creepy side, another story

Things have been quiet — too quiet — after last weekend's Austin American-Statesman vs. Pink Dome flareup sparked by a blog fight between two gubernatorial campaigns.

It all started with skirmishing on Gov. Rick Perry's blog between Perry's camp and challenger Carole Keeton Strayhorn's spokesman Mark Sanders.

When Perry's folks resorted to posting Sanders' 1980s photo from his days in the Capitol press corps — complete with of-the-era eyeglasses and big mustache — it caught the attention of the Statesman's Jason Embry.

Embry's reference in his item to In the Pink Texas as "the only political blog in the state that's actually, you know, funny" drew the notice of Pink Dome, which lashed back Sunday at Embry's "teenage skill level" of insult.

Jason, your turn.

Well, I can tell you she is very funny. Go see yourself at

You know the gods must be crazy when the Chron blog (the CHRON BLOG?!) weighs in on a blogger spat.

It all started with a blurb by Jason Embry in the Statesman on the Perry Blog and an unfunny commenter named Carole Strayhorn’s Golfish, a rip-off of John Cornyn’s Box Turtle, which has since been copyrighted. (Now there’s Mark Sanders’ Cocktail. OMG, Rick Perry’s Cock Tail would be SO MUCH FUNNIER.)

After plying him with drinks, Embry vowed to refer to my blog as the only funny political blog in Texas. Which, of course, is an outright lie since we all know that BurkaBlog is a laugh. riot.

I told you she was funny.


At 3:44 PM , Blogger Kinky is Awesome said...

At my blog, we've had some discussion whether Kinky is a "liberal." I think the debate rises from the fact that Kinky often jokes that he's in favor of gay marriage because gays should be as miserable as the rest of us, but you have to take those joking comments in light of the fact that Kinky didn't vote against the amendment to the Texas Constitution which banned gay marriage. Anyway, here's my thoughts:

Let's be careful about how we use that word "liberal" here in Texas. I think you'd do Kinky less harm among Texas voters if you called Kinky a pedophile than if you called him a liberal. Texas is at least 60% Republican and if Kinky is going to win, he's going to have to do it with Republican votes (not by snipping off the pot-smoking fringe of the less-than-40%-of-voters Democratic Party because even if Kinky gets 33% of the Democrats -- which is unlikely -- that'd only get him about 13% of the vote).

Here is why I believe it is quite inaccurate to call Kinky a "liberal."

Watch this video clip. It is hilarious, it is true, and it is politically incorrect as hell. Liberal politicians are too politically correct to admit the truth that "negro is a charming word." Whatever Kinky is, he's NOT a liberal.

Next, read up on Kinky's get-tough illegal alien plan and his 5 Mexican generals plan. Kinky's common sense border security plan is the straight up "minuteman" approach, not Perry's namby-pamby "let's set up cameras" approach. Make no mistake, Kinky is the only candidate brave enough to say we need armed military generals on our southern border. This is not a liberal plan.

Now consider Kinky's party affiliation. Kinky has run for office in the past as a Republican and he voted for Bush/Cheney in 2004.

Here is an excerpt from Kinky's interview with Ruminator magazine confirms that he supported Bush's Middle East foreign policy:

Question: So does this idea of the honorable cowboy have anything to do with why you threw your support behind President Bush in this last election? You did, didn’t you?
Kinky: Yes. I did in this last election, but I didn’t vote for him the first time.
Question: Who did you vote for in 2000?
Kinky: I voted for Gore then. I was conflicted. . .but I was not for Bush that time. Since then, though, we’ve become friends. And that’s what’s changed things.
Question: So it’s your friendship with him that’s changed your mind about having him as president more than his specific political positions?
Kinky: Well, actually, I agree with most of his political positions overseas, his foreign policy. On domestic issues, I’m more in line with the Democrats. I basically think he played a poor hand well after September 11. What he’s been doing in the Near East and in the Middle East, he’s handling that well, I think.

Now maybe you are like me and you were worried that Kinky showed liberal tendencies by voting for a tree-hugger like Al Gore. Well, rest assured that Kinky was mistaken when he said that. Kinky's public voting records confirm he didn't vote for Al Gore in 2000 because Kinky didn't waste his vote on any candidate from 1994 to 2004 when he voted for Bush/Cheney.

Maybe you think Kinky's a liberal because he's a Jew. Rest assured, Kinky's views on religion are well to the right of Perry's. Kinky wants to take time during the school day for prayers in schools, and he wants to post the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms.

If you want to see a real liberal, just see who the Dimocrats are running against Kinky.

Look at Chris Bell's record.

Starting in Houston, Bell's two big issues were (1) political corruption and (2) ethics reform. Well, goshdarn it, who is in favor of corruption and bad ethics? No one. Bell might have just as well begun his career by being in favor of puppies and ice cream. So what if Bell is against lobbyist abuses -- isn't everyone?

You should see Bell's record in Congress: click here. Bell was not some mainstream Democrat. Bell was a liberal who

voted NO on banning partial-birth abortion except to save mother’s life,

voted NO on forbidding human cloning for reproduction & medical research,

voted NO on Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage,

voted NO on protecting the Pledge of Allegiance,

voted NO on speeding up approval of forest thinning projects,

voted NO on limiting medical malpractice lawsuits to $250,000 damages,

voted NO on capping damages & setting time limits in medical lawsuits,

voted NO on limited prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients,

voted NO on reporting illegal aliens who receive hospital treatment, and

was rated 100% by SANE, indicating a pro-peace voting record,

rated 100% by NARAL, indicating a pro-choice voting record,

rated 93% by the AFL-CIO, indicating a pro-union voting record,

rated 8% by the Christian Coalition: an anti-family voting record, and

rated 0% by FAIR, indicating a voting record loosening immigration.

THAT is the record of a liberal and not a moderate.

Most importantly, Bell biggest claim to fame is being the whistleblower on Tom DeLay. Can you believe a grown man claiming that being a "tattle tale" is one of his biggest career accomplishments? Look at all the litigation that has resulted from the Bell-DeLay dispute: click here. Is litigation a good thing? Plus, I know some people don't think too highly of Tom DeLay, but no one can deny that he was a very strong leader for Texas and a leader in Congress who brought many valuable federal projects and jobs to Texas, and -- thanks to Bell -- we can kiss that goodbye.

Finally, look at Bell's campaign. He's for making small businesses pay higher wages and making businesses suffer more regulations. I wish Bell would tell us how that is going to bring jobs to Texas!

Bell is a liberal. Kinky is a moderate except where it comes to immigration and separation of church and state, and Kinky's strong conservative activism on those two topics is completely appropriate.

Despite all of this, I have been fending off bed-wetting liberals who want to claim Kinky as one of their own.

I would show them that Kinky doesn't give a rat's a$$ about political correctness and that Kinky has run for office as a Republican and he's voted for Bush and he has immigration plans to satisfy the minutemen alongside school prayer plans to satisfy a Baptist minister, but still the liberals would not accept that Kinky is a dyed-in-the-wool conservative.

Even after I showed the liberals where Kinky said that the anti-war, anti-Lieberman wing of the Democratic Party is anti-American, those liberals still held fast to their misbelief that Kinky is a liberal.

Finally, we have an answer from Kinky Friedman himself:
"I'm not a liberal, believe me. I'm a compassionate redneck, far more conservative than I am liberal."

At 2:02 AM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

Nice to entertain an opposing viewpoint, Awesome, but you hurt your credibility when you call DeLay a strong leader. He is nothing but a self-serving demogogue who has left Texas with the weakest congressional delegation in a century. By the time his legacy is excreted from congress, the GOP may be able to caucus in a porta-potty.

At 8:35 AM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...

Kinky is a "Texas Liberal" meaning he doesn't mean anyone any specific harm, and generally acts responsibly.

My personal feeling is that his politial bent is slightly conservative, somewhat like Ann Richards, but his leadership skills are superlative, and as crooked as this state is, it is nice to know he is honest and beholdin to no one.

Let's start there and move forward.



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