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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Signs of Life

from the Friedman campaign today as the Chronicle has him on the front page with "Friedman backtracks on his shot at hunting." It's all good publicity, and vintage Kinkster as he speculates that God visits erectile disfunction on big game hunters. And again, there he is on page one of the "B" section being denounced by Quanell X for his remarks about crackheads and thugs from Louisiana. This is a big step above the phony baloney Rick Perry and Carol Whatsername have been spreading around. If Kinky can piss off enough of the right people, he just might become electable.


At 3:32 AM , Blogger Silence Dogwood said...

You didn't mention Chris Bell, the candidate who's both qualified and credible. Is he electable?
Imagine if we elected only the best candidates. Tom Luce would have served two terms by now.

At 3:40 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...

I worry that my demo friends who didn't abandon the party choice might have hitched their wagon to a man who is too nice to win. Nice could mean bland. Nice could mean opposite of not nice. If you catch my drift.

That is sort of the root of my gripe. When Bob Gammage, who I admire very much, vied with Bell to see who could be the most moderate and reasonable, I thought, "Oh my god, we're gonna get pounded by a bunch of retarded shoolyard bully's again." Shit.

What the party doesn't seem to grasp is that it hurts the people of our state every time they lose and lose again.

I want 'em kicked in the nuts until they're crushed.


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