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Monday, November 17, 2008

Lucy introduced me to a fine photographer doing great work in Texas currently that we've come to admire, Sarah Sudhoff. If you are not familiar with Sarah's work - Get to Know Her!: (see the links under favorite people) The image at right is just an attempt to get close to her work without actually robbing her.

She wrote wrote about their connection on her blog, which I wanted to share:

Dedicated to a Brave Woman

Its been over a week since I posted. Luckily I've been busy shooting editorial assignments for Texas Monthly and working as a contract photo editor but it hasn't afforded me the time to post.

For the last week I've also been preparing to photograph a hysterectomy which is taking place tomorrow. I was given the green light by both the hospital and the patient yet the doctor denied me access. I understand and don't want to interfere in any way in the procedure but I can't pretend I'm not very disappointed to get so close and not be able to be there when the surgery takes place.

This all came about when I was forwarded an email from another artist friend based here in Austin. The subject of the email read "Free Uterus with Tumor". I was immediately interested and began corresponding with a woman who was scheduled to undergo a hysterectomy. I found the PR contact at the hospital, had the patient fill out the release form and the surgeon was also faxed the release form. Yet this particular doctor did not understand my interest in photographing the surgery and the significance for someone, an artist, to photograph this specific procedure.

I don't doubt at some point in the future all the lights will be green and I'll be able to photograph and film a hysterectomy or cervical procedure. For whatever reason it was not meant to happen this go around. My thoughts are with this brave woman and her family. In a silly way I felt better with the idea of me being there in the operating room with her, watching over her, making sure her uterus was taken care of and looked after by someone other than a doctor.


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