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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Virginia Tom in Kool-Aid Land

I was trying to flip past the Fox Disinformation Network but I had to stop when I saw old helmet head talking. It looked like a full house at SMU for the Hannity and Whatshisname in Dallas show. Don’t know if it’s provincialism or people just want to get on TV, but Tom DeLay was talking and the crowd was just eating it up. Maybe they wanted to catch his act before he becomes Bob Ney’s cellmate. Anyways, I saw his lips moving so I turned up the sound figuring to hear some whoppers. He said “Only in America, in Texas, can they force you to run when you don’t want to.” -Is that why he spent millions running in the primary? He said Lampson moved 100 miles to get in the district; this from the man responsible for changing the district boundaries for half the voters in the state. And he said that polls show Dr. Shelly Sekula-Rodriguez-Gibbs- Hungabunga leading by 11%. Would that be that secret poll that Tina Benkiser was talking about last week? The last time I saw such happy bullshit from a politician it was Pat Robertson running for president. This guy isn’t going to shut up until they put the shackles on him.


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