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Friday, September 23, 2011

Chupacabra Report

-In the wake of Talk Like A Pirate Day comes news from Berlin where upstart Pirate Party candidates have won fifteen seats in the Legislature. The Pirates won 8.9 percent of the vote with their Internet freedom platform, calling for “liquid democracy” with participation beyond merely voting in elections. The editorial board of liquiddaddy blogspot will meet in a liquid summit conference this weekend to formulate our response.

-In economic news The Chronicles Loren Steffy quotes Sandy Leeds from U.T’s McCombs Business School on the Feds efforts to boost the economy, while the congress can’t even agree to provide aid to victims of hurricanes and wildfires.

“When we’re voting against emergency relief funds it’s a reminder of what a terrible political situation we’re in.”

“Monetary policy isn’t going to solve the problems that we’re in.”

“We tend to want quick solutions. There are some things that can’t be solved quickly.”

Steffy wraps up: “With the Fed out of options and congress hopelessly ineffective, the threat of another recession now looms larger than ever.”


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