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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Slap Him Like That - Do It ike This!

I don't know where Mr. Obama found his, uhm, fundementals of ecomonic justice. I knew he was carrying - he just didn't seem to want to throw down with it.

I've always thought that the major difference between a Kingfish rally and a Tea Party event was crawdads, pepper sauce, and time. The idiological issues get murkier the hungrier people get. By the time we're standing in food lines, everyone's a socialist/Democrat/progressive/free soiler/free money, etc..and the rhetorical trappings of the Hoover Party become increasingly faded out.

John Kenneth Gailbreath, used to describe "trickle down" economics as the feed eaten by the birds that falls out of the horses feed bag. This running joke, that your neighbor making a killing (often tax free) makes you corresondingly richer, has been discredited in actual practice so many times that simple people like me have to scratch our heads in stark amazement at the shere bulk of cognitive dissonance now gripping (apparently) the electorate that allows these silly notions to continue as part of the national conversation on what to do about our future. Even Democrats pay lip service to this bogus notion, seemingly in order to appear polite to Republican opposition, who are armed to the teeth; dressed as Pirates, and walking them off the plank.

John Maynard Keynes, was a very, very rich, establishment, traditional British poofter, who cared about as much about the economic welfare of the every-day English Prole as the color of Mabel Normad's knickers. He knew that England had to make more money to make more money. An economy must expand or stagnate. Niggling away at he balance of accounts when the basic problem is capitalization gets you nowhere fast. As they say: go big, or get out.

America's economic health is much better than Europe's, they say. Evidently, the union borrowed heavily and now can't generate funds sufficient to meet their debt obligations, with the weakest members pealing off from the center. They face a lot of the same political choices we do, but the US's problems are essentailly made by eight prior years of Republican Tom Foolery and could be fixed quite handily by continued government investment in things that count, like infrastrucure.

Having posited this already established solution, I basically wanted to convey my very sincere amusement at right-wing radio's feigned (or real?)explosion of blustery outrage and harumphing at the President's stated intent to raise taxes to a reasonable rate on the wealthiest among us. They sound like pigs in a slaughterhouse. They started off mad with the Beckster at 9:00 all day until the evening with Davis, or Pags, or whoever the night-shift Nazis are - relentlessly shoveling everything they have in the "free market is God's way to Glory" sack, plus, endless lies about the relative un-popularity of the "soak the rich," solution. I don't know how man times I heard the sentiment that Americans don't want to, "hurt" (real quote) rich people because, "they might be rich someday, too." Boo-hoo! Folks, I'd bet my left truck nut that America would pay to watch Donald Trump stripped naked and beaten severely by truncheon weilding union thugs in Times Square. They'd bring their own pitchfork and torches. And steal his wallet.

I'm not kidding; the corporate media tools are acting extremely pissed. But they really just sound frightened. I had a law professor who used to say, "if you want to hurt 'em, take they (TSU) money."

So, fellas, keep talking about how Americans would hit the mattresses to stave off returning taxes to the Clinton-era rates for people who make millions, but pay less taxes currently than their garden hose. Oh, and be sure to say that while to super committe takes grams' oxygen tank away, and remember when you see them walking away, and the primary challengers get closer:

Every man's a king.


At 9:37 PM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

Where do I get tickets for that Trump thing?


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