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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tea Party Express debate

I missed the part where the candidates told Wolf Blitzer “what I would bring to the White House," so I’ll take the liberty of answering for them..

Michele Bachmann: Sixty foot cross

Herman Cain: Fast food restaurant

Newt Gingrich: ATM machine

Jon Huntsman: Subscription to Scientific American

Rick Perry: Shooting range

Ron Paul: Child labor

Mitt Romney: Business plan to lay off the help and sell off assets

Rick Santorum: Pink triangles


At 4:44 AM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

The crowd booed wildly when Ron Paul said we should stop policing the world and occupying 130 foreign countries. I guess he doesn't really want to be president. The others would be for war with Canada if they thought it would get them elected.

At 6:11 AM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...

Truly hilarious, sir.

You left out: Sarah Palin: cokespoon; Mitch Daniels: Whoopie Cushion; Tim Pawlenty: oatmeal



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