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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The music around here is made up of artists and musicians (some more one than the other) who get together for whatever happens to need doing. These disparate projects go under various names that sort of catagorize the type, tempo, style, etc.

For instance, festivals and parades: Night Train. Parties with covers: Black Market Surf: Tiki Torches....and on

Originals were mostly Driftwood territory. That project (very much a writers lab) persisted for almost ten years, and was a huge labor of love for me and Nails - an enormously talented lyricist and all-around creative fellow, including graphic artist, musician, producer, engineer, etc. For the others - not so much.

Our web presence, which included the sonic and musical achievments to date are gone now after all these years. So, I have taken the links down so as to rid the site of pathetic reminders of that stage in our life.

Why is Driftwood no mas? I'd love to act puzzled, but I suspect it was a matter of neglect and a lack of respect for Nails - things seemed to plow along without his presence or input. His music was being used without proper credit being rendered, or permission being sought. He was not consulted at times when he most deserved to be.

I don't blame him if such a thing occurred. I'm not sure I'm right in my assumption because I don't speak with him much. To imply he did something wrong is not my purpose here, but rather, I'd really like to personally apologize to him for not being the friend, and colleague I should have been, whether the stuff was still up, or not. Nails, whose name is Gary, will always be my brother whom I love. I will look forward to hearing from him some time - I hope soon.


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