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Friday, May 20, 2011

Thinking About Things.

I have spent the better part of my life since mid-2009, with my tear bucket. It makes it hard to write; very frustrating.

I've back-logged so much writing that I feel a bit more of a fraud in all things than I usually do. As mentioned in the past, everybody has been up against it.

Beto is doing OK, but my brother had a heart attack a few days later that has kept him hospitalized since three weeks ago. He still isn't out of the woods. Your thoughts and prayers are welcome.

Fortunately, we are all still here last time I counted heads. Good things still happen, just not as frequently.

For instance, the Houston Art Car Parade is on Sunday. Many factors have changed this year that makes me hope it will change our luck. It used to be on Saturday, so the crowd I had estimated as maybe twice as large as usual (350K?) might be somewhat smaller on Sunday - some people still go to church. Plus, for many years there were no vendors to speak of, but last year the funnel cake and worthless stuff-crowd showed up. In fact, there might be somewhat of a rift between old-timers and new blood in the Orang Show organization. We'll see if this traditionally weird, (and fairly nationally obscure event) turns into something bad.

We broke official ties with Venus this year, so the Hairse is no longer the mother ship. Act-wise, Night Train is going old school by way of a garage band-themed set of old standards. Wish us luck. Last year, Beto got stuck in the Pot 'O Potty when the parade started and things kind of went down hill from there.

In politics, here's wishes that I could return to my '67 borders.

In a day and age when hookers know more about politicians than reporters do, I find myself avoiding keeping informed.

God's Speed to the Teamster's Pionier Flour strike. I see them everyday and honk my horn in solidarity. They are fighting just not be any further behind than they are now. Lucy lived through a lot of strikes - it hits worker families hard.

We'll see you Sunday.


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