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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chupacabra Report: News that Gets My Goat

Today Juanita linked to a Texas Observer story about my State Representative John Davis. He has introduced a bill, HB2187, to cap the sales tax on yacht sales at $15,625; that is the usual 6.25% sales tax on a yacht costing $250,000. So if you’re in the market for a million dollar boat, this could be good news for you.

Proponents say that this measure would keep rich Texans from buying and docking in Florida, which passed a similar measure last year. Poopdeck. In a state facing a $27 billion budget shortfall, laying off schoolteachers, cutting children’s health insurance and closing nursing homes, this just sounds too Louis the Sixteenth. If the state of Florida wants to give away the store to millionaires, (and they do: last year they elected a governor, Rick Scott, who lead insurance giant Colombia/HCA to commit 14 felony crimes involving overbilling Medicare and paying kickbacks to doctors. Colombia/HCA paid $600 million in fines, and Scott resigned with $350 million in stock) they are free to do so. But I would hope that even our smarmy legislators would be ashamed to vote for a bill like this.


At 10:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

For those unaware of Florida’s reputation, it’s arguably the best news state in the country and not just because of the great public records laws. We have all kinds of corruption, violence and scumbaggery. The 9/11 terrorists trained here. Bush read My Pet Goat here. Our elections are colossal clusterfucks. Our new governor once ran a health care company that got hit with a record fine because of rampant Medicare fraud. We have hurricanes, wildfires, tar balls, bedbugs, diseased citrus trees and an entire town overrun by giant roaches (only one of those things is made up). And we have Disney World and beaches, so bring the whole family.

Matthew Doig

Sarasota Herald-Tribune


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