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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

IPeanuts With That?

With folks water in Japan being tainted with nuke material, along with the milk, I wonder at what point mom's might consider beer as a delicious substitute for their thirsty tots. Kind of like up-grading from bread to cake. This is an old concept that never quite took off in times past as the official government respnse to shortages, and the like. Heck, disasters and revolution can be fun, from a certain point of view.

"Hey, what kind of society let's babies and children stay drunk all the time?"

The kind that doesn't seem to care very much about things that used to matter, or in which information about the truth becomes so perverted that no one can make a good choice anymore.

My sympathy for Japanese moms is deeper and more profound than I can put into words here. But at least this sad plight visited on them resulted from relatively accidental consequences. However, the public health emergency imposed by such circumstances can be measured and dealt with based on known facts, (which are demonstrably in short supply from the sheepish Japanese authroities who seem to revise their estimates of the danger as they go along) and efforts can be made to repair the harm. In the case of the public health catastrophy underway here made real by misguided public policy based on ig norance, greed and hate - not so much.

It appears likely to me that the state and federal budgets are going to be balanced on the backs of the poor, and little can be done to change this apparent reality. This is a decision we have made collectively and it is bound to run its course in terms of immediate and lasting consequences to public health.

For instance, children alive today because of treatment covered under Medicaid, who require regular therapy and other services currently covered under Medicaid can expect this to end. CF kids will choke and die, CP kids will never function independently, MD kids will wither away and expire, hungry kids will goo without food, MR kids will go into state institutions; premies will be still-born. Moms will suffer mal-nutrition and sub-standard prenatal care. I could go on, but I won't. Instead, I will endeavor to report what I see, and hope for the best.

Pop a top for the fools that born you, junior.


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