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Monday, April 25, 2011

ANN: An Affectionate Portrait of Ann Richards

We went to the 1894 Opera House Saturday to see Holland Taylor in her one-woman play of Governor Ann Richards. It was well received by a full house of folks who were no doubt grateful to remember a time when this state had leadership, not the cynical pandering and cronyism we’ve suffered lately. (Can you imagine people cueing up to see a show about Rick Perry?)

It must be a thrill for Holland to inhabit such a larger-than-life character and she made the most of it, reminding us of the charm and wit that made Richards a Texas treasure and national figure. Speechmaking, working the phone and needling her staff, friends and family, Holland’s Richards delivered well-known lines with the candor and humor she was known for, and the audience was with her all the way. Holland must have been thinking of this role when she quoted Richards once saying “Do you believe we get to do this?”

Richards became Governor amidst a severe economic downturn. She put Texas on a path to growth even as we learned that oil revenues could no longer carry the state. She took on the heavy lifting required to address the school finance system and worked to bring the prison system into the twentieth century. Her veto of a concealed carry bill probably cost her a second term. That was ten thousand shooting deaths ago.

Someday Texans will again elect honest and able leadership. When we do, Ann Richards “will be very near.”


At 2:32 AM , Anonymous Scott said...

So...10,000 shooting deaths ago..IS that Just in Texas alone? and what organization is reporting the actual number of 10,000 shootings deaths ago?I thought that after people were told about how Ann Richards and her business partners ...owned the patents and technology for auto emission testing here in Texas and that ALL Texas registered vehicles would have to be processed annually @ $50.00 a pop at Ann Richards Emission testing her into trouble with the electorate..( besides the conceal & Carry Veto). just sayin'....

At 2:38 AM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said... lists Texas murders by year, 1994-2010 total 22,649. At 'Grits for Breakfast' (smart criminal justice blog) I see that an avg of 41% Tx killings by gun. That's about 10,000.

Tejas Tech that was to run the emissions testing was part of Snapon Tools, they sell diagnostic equip. Cancelling that program cost $160 million and inspections still cost $50 here, they just don't do NOX, meanwhile Dallas and Houston still out of compliance with Clean Air Act


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