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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chupacabra Report

News that Gets My Goat..

Has Charles Krauthammer lost his mind?

I hate to read him anymore as he always seems to be ginning up the next war. Once he won a Pulitzer, worked for the Carter administration, and wrote speeches for Mondale. Maybe all those appearances on Faux News have affected his brain.

Last week he wrote a column to decry President Obama’s failure to support the popular revolt in Iran last year, saying that we should cut off gasoline supplies to the regime and lend covert support to Iranian dissidents.

Is he crazy? Doesn’t he realize that any Iranian caught working with us today would be facing a firing squad tomorrow? The United States and Britain have been meddling in Iran for a century now; why do you think they celebrate ‘Death to America Day’ the way we celebrate the Fourth of July.

Iran is a nation of teenagers under the thumb of the Mullahs and the military. Nothing could send them back into the arms of the bad guys like a little U.S. intervention.

We’re just starting to get over Bush’s “axis of evil” speech and Cheney’s covert ops, let’s give Obama a chance to overcome eight years of wrong-headed mischief and not be encouraging the warmongers, Israeli and domestic.

I’ll leave you with something I just found in “Good-bye to All That,” a memoir from The Great War.

“War should be a sport for men above forty-five only, the Jesse’s, not the David’s. ‘Well, dear father, how proud I am of you serving your country as a very gallant gentleman prepared to make even the supreme sacrifice! I only wish I were your age: how willingly would I buckle on my armour and fight those unspeakable Philistines! As it is, of course, I can’t be spared; I have to stay behind at the War Office and administrate for you lucky old men. What sacrifices I have made!” David would sigh, when the old boys had gone off with a draft to the front, singing Tipperary: ‘There’s my father and my Uncle Salmon, and both my grandfathers, all on active service. I must put a card in the window about it.”

-Robert Graves, 1916


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