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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hotze shakes down Locke

The Chronicle’s Rick Casey reports today that Gene Locke campaign chair Ned Holmes and finance committee member James Dannenbaum each wrote $20,000 checks to right-wing nut Steven Hotze’s Conservative Republicans of Harris County PAC days before Hotze sent out a mailer endorsing Locke.

This really plays to the misgivings I’ve had all along with Locke’s candidacy. He’s an attractive candidate except for his establishment backing. All the usual suspects, the realtors, home builders, contractors, unions, and of course, the ministers lined up behind him early. And then there’s his history with the Sports Authority.

It’s not that I only like candidates who are unelectable, but troglodytes like Steven Hotze, along with moneybags such as Bob Perry and James Leininger, are never going to dry up and blow away as long as we keep electing people that bow down and do trade with them.


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