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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Imus back on TV

I was looking at the TV listings early and saw Imus in the Morning listed on Fox Business News. Tuned in and saw his first broadcast. Not much new, at first, the glasses were thicker, and the hat was so big he looked like Bozo Texino in a Carharts jacket but it was still Imus, with Charles and Bernard there belittling him mercilessly about his cancer and weight loss. They then proceeded to pile on Dave Letterman. It looked like the old Imus show except that they kept breaking to the Fox business news twerps reporting all the important news that happened while the markets were closed all week-end, which was none.

Imus had Glen Beck as a guest. Too bad, I would have enjoyed Kinky Friedman. He and Beck talked about when they were drunks, and mostly the crew made nice with Beck. This was sad for me as I was watching for them to rip him a new one. Imus and friends have always been venomous, and I was quite disappointed to not hear them call him a pathetic shill for corporate criminals. Of course, Beck is a hot property for Fox and Imus might not last long at his new gig if he starts out biting the hand that feeds him, but hell, he probably won’t last long there anyways.


At 1:35 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...


Glen lost another 18 advertisers today. They don't make enough boner cream and fake gold certificates to keep this guy a-float, (and Fox happy).



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