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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Declare War on Your Oppressors

I am feeling the effects of the bad economy in the things around me. The level of human suffering is unimaginable.

I now have friends who are unemployed and can't get work. Some of my relatives are worried sick that they might get laid off. I know people who are newly homeless who can't get food stamps. I met a family from Ohio who are shacking with relatives. Since dad lost his job he has become severely depressed and has started having panic attacks. He hopes to find a job at the truck plant, but he has lost confidence. I know a lady who has been in town since August and can't get assessed for mental health services, so she doesn't have her psych meds, and says she wants to kill herself. There is nothing I can do except call the police.

There are a few jobs around, and things might be getting better on paper, but I feel Rick Perry and his ilk might be gilding the lily for political reasons. The news this week, some of which was eloquently reported by Judge Hoarse, was that Texas leads the nation in teen births, and has the highest rate of uninsured folks at the rate of 24.1%.

State agencies essential exist these days to have their tickets punched, and there is a consequence for this.

The same people who are dependent and reliant on government services for survival, and who demonstrated in droves in the greatest display of fucktard cognitive dissonance ever over their perceived fears of "socialism", will be the first ones to tar and feather any politician within reach once they start to starve.

The end game on this crisis is profoundly serious because America is not creating jobs; just artificial wealth.

Republicans use the phrase "class warfare" the way they use "socialism" and "nazi." The term has lost its meaning. Real class warfare ain't bean-bag. Let us pray for our President to be wise and strong.


At 6:41 PM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

I'm waiting on The Exec to start kicking Tory butt; from the Congress and the Pentagon to the airwaves, which ought to be a public trust, as they are essential to good self-government.

At 10:37 PM , Anonymous Warren Buffet said...

If there's class warfare going on, my class is winning.


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