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Monday, October 05, 2009

-The following letter offers a glimpse of another world, like maybe Canada. I'm not sure it's possible though in a country with 200,000,000 firearms.

Control mind-set

Law enforcement's priority of control over constraint is confrontational, backward, selfish and prone to tragic consequences. That is a major reason for excessive use of force, including police shootings. Officers need to back off in most situations as they now do in auto chases.

Allowing officers to act with impunity to gain control of a minor situation is a prescription for abuse of power. Officers need to be mindful that the general public oversees law enforcement; otherwise, America becomes a police state.

The openly discriminatory nature of misplaced loyalty to the fraternity of law enforcement, which is cops first, civilians second, reinforces the notion that cops are in charge. Officers mistakenly believe they put public welfare first by putting themselves in danger but just look at the overwhelming response to an officer injured in the line of duty versus little interest in people harmed by excessive police force.

Abandoning the control mind-set, putting civilians first and checking power and personal accountability would limit collateral damage of law enforcement actions.

John King, Houston


At 1:45 PM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...

Next time you are in a convenience store, thank the clerk for their courage and sacrifice. They die and become injured far more often than our heroes in blue. But no action figures and TV shows for these regular working stiffs.



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