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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Here's To Ya

The new record is nearly complete. Nails mentioned to me that driftwood's site, had 10,000 unique visitors last year, which I honestly found shocking. I urge anyone who is listening to drop us a line to let us know you are out there.

Don't be shy.

We would love to come to your area and perform. The music is always a crowd-pleaser, and in many ways better than the recordings. We have stream-lined things so that the expense is less of a problem now. We're tanned, rested and ready.

Again, please provide more feed-back.

2009 looks to be a healthy year for artists, since folks are seemingly returning to shows. In a poor economy, live music usually delivers a good bang for the buck.

We love the fans we hear from, and would feel honored to know of any others who might be lurking out there.

Happy New Year,


At 8:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

us huddled masses on tenterhooks to get the bound for grapes of wrath setlist. whats your fave woody guthry song?

At 9:00 AM , Blogger liquiddaddy said...


Pretty Boy Floyd, VD Blues, The Ludlow Massacre.



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