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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Houston Janitors to Get Health Insurance

The Chronicle reports that the 5300 Houston members of the Service Employees International Union will begin receiving healthcare next month at their own midtown clinic according to the contract they won in 2006. Employees with at least six months on the job will pay $20 a month for insurance and clinic care with no co-pay. Employers will contribute $185 per month for each worker.

Under this contract, worker’s pay will increase next year from $7.25 to $7.75 an hour.

All this is happening without the catastrophic consequences long predicted by the business community, who have long maintained that super-minimum wages and union membership would be disastrous for the economy.

Now it’s turned out that the biggest threat to our economy was over-reaching by freebooting free-market enthusiasts and government de-regulators. Who figured?


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