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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Utopia, Texas

Continuing with our travel log, we went swimming in our regular places to dip in the upper tri-canyon area of the Hill Country. Chalk Bluff (Nuecas); Tarpley (Hondo Creek); Utopia (Sabinal); and Garner (Frio). I know the Mountain West is wonderful. but places here in Texas are just as lovely to me, and much closer, obviously.

Here at City Park in Utopia is relatively free of people, except for few dissipated river rats, such as this unfortunate gentleman. Don't look at him children!

The dam.

A few shots of C-Lo and her bf Gootch. I think they are so adorable!

I said hide your eyes!

Make time to take 90 west from San Antonio to Hondo; take Hwy 462 up to Tarpley, turn left on Ross Rd. (right before you get to town) past Saddle Back Mnt (lots of fossils and dinosaur tracks) south to Cnt Rd. 211 (many excellent species of Madrone you'll never see anywhere else), west (through Seco Canyon) to Utopia (home of Kinky Freidman), and then Hwy 1050 west to (crossing the Frio) Garner Park. If you are still having fun, go north on Hwy 83 to Leakey, and then go 337 to Camp Wood and then back down 55 (past Chalk Bluff) to Uvalde, and you would have made the whole loop.


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