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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

People of Texas

During the Summer Lucy, C-Lo and I take to the highway for fun and adventure. I think I'll make some time to feature some of the people and places we encounter during our travels in the "Friendship State."

Down in Tres Palacios, Matagorda County, "Kay" has built this marvelous place just for cats. She has about 50. Inside the home, everything is covered in clear plastic shower curtains for easy clean up. With lime-green food and water containers, the cats live out their lives in peace and beauty.

Kay has surrounded the cat castle with an art space and gardens that make this one of the best folk art homes we've ever seen, and right out in the middle of nowhere, so to speak. Lucy told Kay about the Orange Show, but she had never heard of it. She did however, express wonder and amazement at our description of Mr. McKitrick's art work dedicated to the humble fruit, and pledged to go someday.

In the meantime she has her cats to look after. She fears with the near-by South Texas Nuclear Project improvement, people who don't like cats will be moving in and wind up complaining to the government.

We think we'll keep a close eye on Kay and her wonderful cats, and see what we can do to keep this sublime work of humanity on the prairie from being threatened in the future.

Anybody that wants to see this can drive to Tres Palacios (about ten miles north of Palacios and five miles south of Blessing, Texas).

Bring some yarn and cat treats.


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