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Saturday, June 28, 2008

New GI Bill Passes Senate

The Webb/Hegel GI Bill passed the senate as part of the supplemental war spending bill. Notice that John McCain and our own John Cornyn are now taking credit for the bill’s passage even though a few weeks ago they were trying to kill it. McCain didn’t even show up to vote for it, but the Republicans figured out that people were getting wise to their phony grandstanding and scrambled to get on the right side of this issue.

You probably heard about Defense Secretary Robert Gates firing two Air Force Generals because they lost track of some nuclear weapons in the skies over America. Did you read about the speech he gave to a business group in DC last month where he said that our troops were buying their own body armor and welding scrap metal to the outside of their vehicles to protect themselves against roadside bombs because defense contractors didn’t want to interrupt the supply chain to deliver needed equipment while they had lucrative supply contracts still in effect.

So our sons and daughters are risking their lives for “business as usual.”

We gotta vote these bastards out of office.


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