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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Moulton Proud

I have not moved from Moulton. I have just rented a place in San Antonio so I don't have to drive back and forth from my business so much. My family was spending about $600 a month in gas; it was killing us. Plus, our light bill was getting over $500 a month. This will be better now. My kid is in various camps and activities all summer long, so things are a little easier for everybody and she's not so bored.

Speaking of Moulton, I read in the paper the municipal power board developed a consumer-friendly policy for late payments and disconnects that I have been told I might be responsible for in some small way. Either way, that's great because they aren't regulated by the PUC and this voluntary action on the city's part is more fair to low-income customers.

The best news is that Lucy is cancer free! (knock wood) We had a little scare for a while but everything looks good now. Keeping fingers crossed for the future.

Pray for rain, please.


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