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Saturday, May 27, 2006

From the Chronicle; Makes You Wanna Buy the Album

Long tradition of Texas outlaws
Regarding the May 26 letters "Dixie Chicks, politics, shame": It appears that the people holding hands over their ears so they won't have to hear the Dixie Chicks are the same ones who don't want to open their eyes to see how our government misled the nation into war.

It is a mistake for anyone to cast the success or failure of this CD as a referendum on patriotism. We should ask ourselves who the real patriots are: the administration that twisted the facts to justify war, or the three brave women who dared to stand up to the new King George? The Dixie Chicks have joined a long tradition of Texas country musical outlaws who have refused to conform to a Nashville stereotype. Taking the Long Way is one of the best CDs of the year, in any genre. Should country radio choose to ignore it based on the objections of a minority of listeners, it will be to its own long-term peril.



At 7:33 PM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

Let's not forget those who tried to pander their way to the top of the Clear Channel playlist. There's Toby Keith, Clint Black, airhead Brittany....
Hell, I still remember Travis Twitt at the rodeo during Gulf War One calling war protesters "a bunch of faggots"

At 11:02 PM , Blogger judge chief charly hoarse said...

Taking the Long Way sold half a million units last week, putting it at the top of the country albums chart and the Billboard 200 overall chart. Outselling the latest releases by Toby Keith and Tim McGraw, it is rumoured to be in heavy rotation on Laura Bush's Ipod.


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