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Friday, May 19, 2006

Killer Sheep Headed for Pen

Last week the RNC's James Tobin became the third republican to come away from Federal District Court with a jail sentence for his part in a vote-supression scheme in the 2002 New Hampshire Senate election. These clowns spent $15,000 to swamp phone banks set up by the State Democratic Party and the Manchester Firefighters Union. Coincidentally, they received three $5,000 contributions from Jack Abramoff associated groups, the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Tribe, The Mississippi Choctaws, and Tom DeLay's own ARMPAC. In the three days before the election, Tobin made 25 phonecalls to the White House, But according to RNC Chairman Ken Mehlman, the calls did not involve the phone jamming. Mehlman may get his own chance to testify about it in an upcoming civil case. Maybe he can explain why the RNC has paid 2.5 million dollars to the Washington firm Williams and Connoly to defend Tobin against these charges.
Sort of reminds me of that little creep Donald Segretti who got sent up for doing dirty stuff before Richard Nixon had to get out of town. We can only hope to see history repeat itself. Note: I wouldn't presume to call Mr. Segretti a creep except that I see he gave money to Phil Gramm's presidential bid. That does it for me.


At 8:30 AM , Anonymous Dickie Flatt said...

Pssst, Charly, x-nay on the amm- Gra. We're all tryin to forget about that retard SOB.

At 3:49 AM , Anonymous Silence Dogwood said...

Phil Gramm?!!
That reminds me; Wendy Gramm was sitting on the board of Enron when all those felonies were happening. Do the directors bear any responsibility? Should they get the death penalty like Arthur Anderson did?


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